A few cute stories related to my cats

Blog from 2008

I had mentioned earlier that Sassy “sat” with me throughout my surgery recoveries and helped take care of me. Well, my big orange tabby Charlie seems to sense which of my joints hurt the worst. He promptly spreads his big ole’ self ever so gently over it and his body heat really helps w/the throbbing pain! I call him my “cat-healer”.

Now for a little cute bio on my cat “Buster”:

A blogger “stitchnchick” (I hope I spelled that right?) had left a comment telling me her cat “Jack” is also a Ragdoll and is quirky. She asked if my Buster is, too. I started to send her a message all about him, but I decided to share the story w/anyone who might want to read it for a chuckle:

My purebred Ragdoll cat Buster was given to us when he was 2 years old as the previous family HE owned had to move away into an apartment…he is 5 now. He is DEFINITELY quirky, too. I always say he should be a dog in alot of ways instead of a cat. He follows me around like he is in charge of running the house. He really loves me more than he loves my hubby…LOL…I almost never pick him up b/c he hates it, even though he doesnt fight it. His breed is known most for being limp like a ragdoll when you pick them up. He just looks miserable from it. My hubby just can’t resist, though…this leads to whining on Buster’s part and purring from anxiety. My hubby refuses to believe that cats purr from anxiety as much as from happiness…lol. He will NOT sit in our laps AT ALL just to socialize. Occassionally, he will get in my lap to check on me, but after he does his “cat scanning” he’s gone. All three cats seem to sense when we are sick. I had mentioned earlier that I was anointed with oil today at church. Well, as soon as I sat down after church, Buster actually jumped in my lap and sniffed my forehead in DETAIL! lol. I think he gave me his blessing on my decision to be anointed! He has visited me about three more times since then, which is SUPER-RARE! He likes to sit on the top of my chair sometimes as a special treat, but he mostly visits my hair as if it is a separate entity from me, like it’s his new best friend. Since I have some pretty odd hair, I can see how he might mistake it for having its own personality…one day last week he did his “math calculations” to estimate jumping distance from the ground to the back of my recliner to visit his best friend, my hair…well I had just spread my hair out onto the back of the recliner b/c I was a little warm. He “OVER-calculated” and when he jumped, he sailed right past the top of my recliner and slammed into the wall, then hit the ground and quickly resumed his “what, I meant to do that” look. It was quite funny after I realized he was not hurt. He has taken to sleeping w/me in the past year, but ONLY on his terms. He lays beside my pillow. I am not to touch him unless he scoots to me. HE is the boss…once he makes body contact…EVER SO SLIGHTLY THOUGH…then he LOVES for me to pet him BRIEFLY…he is also in charge of gathering the other two for treat time. He always reminds me where the treats are as if I might forget, then he gets down from the dresser (the treats are kept on a shelf on our dresser) and patiently waits in the floor till I disperse them. He also is our main guest greeter. They have no clue that he just wants to sniff them. They all think he just loves them! lol…he has “trained” me to give him just a little handful of cat food on my otherwise unused treadmill when I first put food in the community cat bowl so he won’t have to eat w/the “lesser” cat species! He also has taught my little gray tabby “Sassy” how to open doors, but he is much stronger, so this usually results in much whining on her part and a bit of temper tantrums if he is able to do it and she is not…he has also taught her how to get on TOP of our kitchen cabinets, like next to the ceiling. This is one of his FAVORITE places to hang out. He can supervise better from this vantage point. When I am in the kitchen, he ALWAYS accompanies me. He usually ends up just laying on his back sprawled out happily purring and looking at me adoringly once he realizes there is no turkey to be found (this is also the ONLY treat he will eat other than cat treats). OH and he HATES for anyone to touch his paws, ESPECIALLY his back paws! I learned this by accident soon after we got him. I was playing my electric piano and he jumped up on it and lay down across it just enjoying the music. His back paws were just barely dangling over onto the keys. Every time I would play a note that brushed his paw, he would get just a little bit more mad. FINALLY, he kinda’ yelled at me, quickly bit me and took off. It was SO FUNNY. Since then, just to play w/him, we’ve learned to touch his back feet ever so lightly w/our toes as he walks by and he takes his foot and shakes it as if he just stepped into water. He LOVES to play chase. He will look at me, put his ears back, eyes open wide and RUN down the hall to the bathroom entrance…jump up on the corner of the wall as high as he can, yell a little cat talk at me as he throws his head back toward me, then RUN, RUN, RUN away from where I am…he waits for me to go after him, then the game changes and he is coming after me. We have a wall that separates our kitchen from our living room, but it has an opening on either end, creating a complete “circle” perfect for cat chasing. He has learned the little tricks like back-tracking to find me…he is such a hoot. Sometimes if I have bought something that was in a large box, I leave it open and empty for our gametime…once the chase is on, I go around a corner where he cant see me, then stand in the box. He looks for my feet, so he often just passes me by, then I can really surprise him…fun, fun for him! He also likes to be our “guard dog” when strange things are outside…EXAMPLE: the garbage truck…as soon as he hears the engine, he stalka around the house from room to room as the garbage truck passes and he GROWLS as if he is ready to take on the world to protect his home. He has the loudest cat growl I have ever heard (not that I have heard too many cats actually growl)..well I suppose that will be a good ending point for now so I can save tidbits for later!

Okay, so I was NOT the cat lover 7 years ago, but obviously, I have grown attached! You’d think I was talking about kids! I hope you enjoy the humorous goings on with my quirky cat!

Little Tidbits of My Life!



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