May – Flowers in my Garden

I took a few pics to share what is coming up in my front yard flower gardens so far…please disregard any weeds :o)


Ladybug in the Roses

Red Hot Pokers

(butterfly bushes and large crepe myrtle in the background)

(wild roses in the background overtaking my deck…but I’m not going to cut them until after they bloom)

Yarrow…both yellow and light purple

Lamb’s Ear

Bee Balm

Hostas, gladiolas coming up, and a couple balloon flower plants in the bottom right corner of pic

Cleomes beginning to sprout

One of three miniature Crepe Myrtles (sp?)…blooms light purple…supposed to only get 2 ft tall/wide, but fast approaching four foot this year!!!

Lantanas starting to come up

Daylilies and the beginnings of the Hibiscus

Shrub Rose…blooms bright pink

I tried to get a big pic of butterfly bushes and all, but didnt realize how dark it’d gotten!

I still have lots of work to do, weedeating and weeding in general…these are from part of my front yard flower beds…I still need to work on my Rose of Sharons in my larger front yard flower bed and cut down limbs from last year…my father is going to come over soon and plow my garden area for me…then I’ll also try to get my backyard flowerbeds in order…just a few oriental lilies and whatnot…


2 thoughts on “May – Flowers in my Garden

  1. Loved the pictures! I especially like that pathway you've made. I have crape myrtles and a lantana too. Thanks for sharing!

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