Special Delivery!

Well, I had quite the day! I was on my back deck when I had that “feeling” I was being watched…I was right! It was one of my neighbor’s cows watching me about 30 feet away at the fenceline! She looked troubled. I talked to her gently. She turned around and anxiously took a few steps. That’s when I realized this poor thing was about to have herself a calf!

I called my neighbor to make sure they were aware of the goings on, then I went next door and told our aunt’s granddaughter to come watch with me! She is 8 years old and loved every minute of it. We watched for about 30 minutes when our aunt came out to watch with us. At the last minute, I decided to video this momentus occasion. I was just in time!

She finally stood up about an hour or so after I filmed, but I did not catch that on tape.

The pics below are of first time mom and baby, and one that I thought was particularly sweet was where a “friend” of the family stopped by to welcome the newborn! She just nudged the little one, greeted the mom for lack of better description, then mosied on up the hill to give them room.

I am sure some folks will think I am crazy to make such a fuss over cows, but I just love all God’s creatures. The wonder of birth is fascinating no matter who or what is the mom.

I hope you enjoyed!



5 thoughts on “Special Delivery!

  1. Hi, I was just visiting the blogs this morning and came across yours. Thank you for posting the birth of the little calf. I enjoyed the video and the pics. I have only ever seen kittens being born, but I am like you and love all of God's creation. My dad grew up on a farm and my uncle, his brother, still lives on the land they grew up on. He and his family still farm there, but they no longer own animals other than dogs. Stop by and say "hello" sometime.


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