Wild Roses Gone Wild!

I think I have mentioned in previous blogs that I had planted wild roses in front of my deck and they never bloom…the buds just turn brown and shrivel up. I do not like to spray insecticides on my plants because I do not want to kill the butterflies or bees, so I never sprayed these roses. My hubby HATES the wild rose bush b/c it’s just all over the place. I bargained w/him that if the buds shrivel up again this year, then I would cut them down. BUT I want to give it at least one more try and see some pretty blooms this year!!!

WELL, I read somewhere that if you spray liquid fabric softener on rose bushes, the aphids (sp?) will go away??? or I guess they can’t hold on to a leaf coated with gooey stuff…I had purchased 1 gallon of a VERY generic and RUNNY fabric softener once in a pinch at local grocery store. Fortunately, it was still in my laundry room, so I decided to try it.

IT WORKED!!! I have roses galore!!! I took a few extra shots while I was out there. I had a long day outside yesterday, so I got quite a bit done in the flower beds, but it still needs to be weed eated and I have a few weeds to get up along driveway…ANYWAY, I thought it was pretty none the less.



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