Things around my yard this June

The apples are almost ready!!!! Soon we will have apple butter and apple pies coming out our ears! Due to so little rain these past few weeks, the apples are so pretty, no fungus!

YIKES! At about 3 ft long, this rattlesnake doesn’t show its rattles yet, but I sure wish they’d play somewhere else! My MIL was on her way to our house from next door and almost stepped on it!!!! My FIL “took care” of it for her.

I have to give this little guy an A+++ for effort!!!

It’s a bug’s life! He’s just enjoying the catnip I guess.

This “creature” is my hubby building a flowerbed for me!!! SHHH!!! He does not know I took this pic! He hates flowers and this is the first time he has participated in my obsession!!!

A close-up of these beauties!

The front flowerbeds are getting bigger!

A few projects on the back deck.

Sorry I haven’t been on in a few days. We started revival at church sunday, which was WONDERFUL! Then monday was a super-bad painful day. I called my rheumy and his wonderfully sweet nurse was so understanding. He increased lyrica from 200mg to 300 mg. For the next 2 days I’ve been pretty out of it. I started feeling a little better yesterday, but ended up OVER-DOING it as a result! I had a rough evening. I woke up about 2 pm today with NO PAIN!!!!! SO, I decided to get the pics off my camera and share them with you.

I just love the summer! I hope you are enjoying it, too!


3 thoughts on “Things around my yard this June

  1. Thansk for the tour Teresa. You have some beautiful flowers!!! I loved the tour except for the rattle snack. YIKES!!!

    God's Blessings,
    Amy Jo

  2. I love your stone pathway. We are fixing to do some major facelifting to our house next week with our stimulus check. I would love to make a path like yours, but a path to where would be the question, LOL. My dh hates cutting around things like that with the riding mower, so a path to no where I guess, lol. Loved the tour of your garden, great pics……..Kitty

    ***from Teresa***…Kitty, in reply to your comment, I actually would start these kinds of projects while my hubby was out of town for a few days!!! I recall I had finished half the pathway by the time he came home. He wanted to know why anyone would want to walk in an L shape to our front door instead of having a direct path…I responded "to walk through the flowers, silly!"…there were no flowers at the time!!! HE just shook his head. LOL…the next weekend, my dad came out w/his tiller and helped me finished the rest of the L shape and he tilled my NEW flowerbeds!!! LOL Weed-eating is the worst part of having the flowerbeds. I have a really hard time holding the weed-eater now b/c of my fibromyalgia…makes my arm/back muscles spasm. SO for now, there are weeds there. I'm hoping my hubby will take care of it soon as it wouldnt take him long at all. Edited by stitchesbyteresa on Thursday, June 19, 2008 at 02:37

  3. I always like looking at your pretty pictures. Except for the snake! eeek! I buy boxes of moth balls at the dollar store and throw them everywhere to ward them off durning the summer.

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