Moving to West Virginia

Well folks…

I thought I would let you know I’m moving to West Virginia temporarily. If any of my blog readers/friends live in West Virginia, I would love for you to send me a message because I do not know much about the area. I believe the city near the area is Charleston. My hubby is working a long-term, but temporary job there, so we will plan on coming back “home” in a few months to a year maybe.

This will be a whole new experience for me. We are in conflict due to my health b/c all my specialists are where we currently live. I think I can just schedule my appointments close together and maybe come home every 3 months or so to go to the doctors??? I would rather not change doctors at this point since the job is not actually permanent.


5 thoughts on “Moving to West Virginia

  1. West Virginia is absolutely beautiful and I love it. Most of my family is from the Charleston area although I don't live there. It is our dream to move back someday. I hope you enjoy your time there and I hope that your health care situation works out well for you.

  2. I can't believe you are moving!!!!!!!!!! You better get some internet and such the first day you are there, so we can still chat though!!! Or else, I will go through Teresa withdrawals. LOL

    I hope everything works out so you can go be with hubby as soon as you can hun!!! I know you miss him!

    Love ya,
    Amy Jo

  3. Sounds like an exciting new chapter in your life….I'm with you on the Dr thing…when you have good Dr.'s it's hard to change especially if it's temporary.

    Will check back and see how things are going.


  4. Just wanted to tell you that you blessed me with your comment at my blog the other day.

    Also, I have a lot of relatives in West Virginia.
    Both of my brothers live near Beckley. My one brother is the postmaster at a small town near there.

    West Virginia is a beautiful state.
    The people are very friendly.

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