All things work together for good….

As you may have noticed, I have not posted in awhile. I have been trying to get settled in West Virginia in our little apartment. I am determined not to give up and do NOTHING all day long. That being said, I told my hubby that I wanted to try to at least do our laundry while here. Since I am disabled with fibromyalgia and have a hard time doing daily tasks such as cleaning chores at our home in GA, he was hesitant to turn this chore over to me. However, when I had heard he was spending between $30 and $50 paying a laundry-mat company to clean and fold his laundry for him, I was sure I could save us quite a bit of money by spending mere quarters per load. The laundry unit is located directly behind our apartment, so is not very far at all.

My FIRST trip was akin to a horror film, at least in my paranoid little mind…that is once I finally hauled 3 mesh sacks of laundry up the little hill to the laundry unit. There I was – alone – in this little room with 4 washers and 4 dryers – blinds all closed and one door without a lock on it. The lights were on a timer. To use the washer, I had to turn my back to the door. I nervously, but successfully filled 3 washers full of clothes, put the quarters in and proceeded to start all 3 loads as once (very nice feature, having a room full of washers!)…the joy was very shortlived as two washers started knocking very loudly and a red light came on both showing the load was unbalanced. I unsuccessfully rearranged and then finally unloaded one of the washers altogether without success of the red light going off. The second washer gave the same result. The third washer…a SUCCESS! I proceeded in drying one load and finishing up the other two loads. At this point I noticed there were muddy tracks all over the floor and I was standing in water! One of the washers had been leaking and evidently no one had reported it…so now my socks were getting soaked through my tennis shoes and I was still a nervous wreck being in here alone. I finally just left the room and went back to the apartment hoping all would go well on its own. I checked everything a bit later and then dried the clothes in order and finally was able to finish up my first official wash day at the apartments.

Back at the apartment, I put all the clothes away and then rubbed down my neck/arms/wrists w/arthritis cream and took pain meds. The rest of the day was spent doing as little as possible. I soon realized that wash day was not working out very well for me.

For several months, I have taken my hubby’s advice and not driven a vehicle due to several issues related to my health. We live about 15-20 miles away from Walmart in GA, but here in WV, it is a mere 2 mile journey to Wallie World!!!! SO this being the case, my hubby has offered to let me attempt to drive just a little way again. SO I decided I might feel safer going to a public laundry mat instead of the isolated apartment laundry mat. I used our GPS and found that there is one about 3 miles from the apartment. I loaded up a week after the first laundry day and headed for the public laundry mat. I never had realized how blessed I truly was to have my very own washer and dryer all these many years. Anyway, I had even more clothes on this trip than the first time because now I had both my clothes and my hubby’s clothes. I tried to bring them all in at once, but it was not working and I was just hurting my shoulders. I could only imagine what onlookers might be thinking (as if I were drawing a crowd…really and truly, there were NO onlookers!). I finally gave up and brought in one bag in at a time, hoping against hope that no one wanted to steal a bag of dirty laundry (CRAZY now that it’s in print!). I walked in and never had I seen so many washers and dryers! I noticed the extra large washers in the very back just calling for me! I found that I was able to wash all of my hubby’s overalls in ONE LOAD!!! These were triple load washers…cost more, but washes alot more, too…ANYWAY, I was able to get everything done all at once and felt quite pleased with myself. I decided to sit down and read a book as I waited, just relax a bit. There was a pleasant looking lady in there doing the same and I said hi to her and she returned the pleasantries. At that moment, we both saw it…a ROACH on the side of my drink cup!!!!! We both screamed as we womenfolk sometimes do and I grabbed my cup and quickly turned on the hot water at the sink and scalded the bug and my cup, poured my soda out and immediately started wondering why I ever thought I should come to a public laundry mat!!! At this point, the lady started telling me that she thought they would have sprayed by now and then she started fighting the dryer as it had eaten her quarters. The owner came out and explained she had to SLAM the door on the dryer harder. SO this makes sense…abuse the equipment and it will work better…amazingly enough, the dryer roared to life. At this point, I saw a roach fall from the sky…okay, okay, so it was the ceiling, but it might as well have been the sky the way it just appeared like that!…I stomped it. I’m really getting creeped out at this point and I decided to keep my handbag against my side at all times so as to prevent critters from crawling into it. Finally my laundry is ready for the dryers and I grab a buggy (yes, to my surprise, I could have used a buggy and brought all my laundry in at once and stopped all that needless fretting!!!) and head for the dryers. I find that I have the same trouble as the other laundry lady. I cannot make the dryer work. She tells me to use my fist and hit it hard. I have very little strength and it hurts my hands/arms to hit things…finally she hit it for me and it roared to life! SO for the next hour or two, each time I had to stop the dryers to check for dampness, this kind little lady would gently walk over and pound on the dryer for me! By the time I saw the third roach, I had made a game out of it. I started chasing it with the buggy! I know, crazy, but I was getting bored I suppose. ANYWAY, the lady finished up her laundry and left me and I found myself alone there except for three young guys who looked to be all of 20 or so…you know the age…think they own the world, but barely old enough to keep from getting a whipping! So at one point one of my dryers stopped and wouldnt ya know it…a pair of my panties are right there as if plastered on the screen! I heard “Mee-OWWW” behind me…I quickly got my clothes out and packed up and left. Unfortunately, none of the socks were dry, so when I got home, Jamey had to help me lay them out on a towel to dry…then I had to lay all the denim out to dry on the bed. All this b/c I got me-owed at! I told Jamey I didn’t know that I had ever gotten me-owed at before that day...kinda funny.

SO onto the THIRD laundry week…what to do??? Should I just give up and let Jamey pay out the big bucks for our laundry? NO because these places are infested with roaches!!! SO I have no alternative but to go back to the unit behind our home. I decided I would just take one load at a time and only use the one washer that I knew worked great. SO I spot treated one of Jamey’s shirts and one of mine and then headed to the laundry unit. I put the laundry detergent in, put the clothes in, got out my bag of change, put in one quarter, two quarters…that’s it!!! NO MORE QUARTERS!!! I’d put all the other quarters in those horrid dryers!!!!!! What shall I do??? The spot treatment will bleach the shirts if on there for longer than say 5 or 10 minutes…I called my hubby who was at work. He suggested I go next door to the manager’s office and see if he has change for dimes and nickels. SO I did this, but no one was there. I went back to the laundry unit and just stood there over the washer. I said a little prayer. At this point, a lady walked in. She asked me if I was Curtis’s wife. I told her my hubby was Jamey…then I asked her if she had any quarters…well that was the beginning of my first friendship here in West Virginia.

I had been here for two and a half weeks and not met a single person to remember by name until I had met Peggy. From the minute I met her, I knew God had sent her in the laundry room to be my friend. Several days later, we have gotten to know each other better. I now do my laundry at her house and I have agreed to give her piano lessons. That’s right! There is a piano in her apartment to my heart’s delight! This is one of the things I miss from home, but no longer! Plus, she sings alto, so we enjoyed the day yesterday singing gospel songs in duets while my wash got cleaner and cleaner…she had moved in just a couple weeks ago, so God had brought us here together at the same time…and to think, I had wanted my hubby to go to a different apartment complex…AND she had almost moved into a different one, too! Now we are both quite content here!

As for driving, I have come to realize that I still should not be driving. I had the weak spells all day long yesterday, and Peggy told me that we could be shopping buddies now and she agreed that I should not drive since I am still having these spells so frequently. She is also going to take me to church sunday as she has been visiting in the area (and we are the SAME denomination!)…Jamey was relieved to hear this news as he was upset to hear I had a spell last week while at Dollar General and the ladies there took care of me till I was able to get to my truck. Everyone was very nice, though and I was okay once the spell passed. By the way, my heart doctor does think it’s my blood pressure dropping too low and causing these spells.

SO that’s the latest from me!

May God Bless you and I hope you will notice that everything you encounter happens for a reason and all things work together for good for them who love the Lord, for them who are Called according to His purpose!

Little Tidbits of My Life!


7 thoughts on “All things work together for good….

  1. I HATE HATE HATE the laundry matt. I think I'd rather sit on an ant pile and poor honey on myself, LOL. I hope you feel better soon, your in my prayers……….Kitty

  2. Glad you found a new friend, shopping buddy and laundry buddy. LMSO She sounds so nice.

    Matthew and I used to go to the Laundromat all the time. We went to the laundromat on weekends and while our laundry was washing, we would play card games the whole time. lol We are thankful for a house and washer and dryer now, but we still talk about the days when we were first married, before Noah, when we would grab dinner, some decks of cards, and the laundry and make a night out of it. Ahhhh memories. LMSO

    God's Blessings,
    Amy Jo

  3. Hi my baby girl. I am sorry you have had such a bad experience trying to get your clothes cleaned, but I am so glad you have met a friend that you can enjoy while you are in WV. As you said, God had to have a hand in your meeting. I must say I miss you, but I am happy for you. Please take care of yourself and I hope to see you soon. Love Mom

  4. I see God's hand in you meeting your friend.
    I'm proud of you for doing what you could!
    I work in a health food store. We have several ladies who have fibromyalgia. They all get a certain herbal remedy. Can't tell you what it is off the top of my head, but I will certainly look it up if you want me to.
    Have a blessed day,

    ***from Teresa***
    Hi Margie…thank you for your comment! I forgot to mention in my blog that my new friend also suffers from fibromyalgia and we have many similarities. I'd like to hear what the FM sufferers buy at your store if you can recall what it is…thanks so much!Edited by stitchesbyteresa on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 04:39

  5. I know that all meds have side effects and your weak spells could be just that, but sometimes things like this could be an allergic reaction too. It would not be a bad idea to keep a food diary. That way when you have 'spells' you could look back and see if there is a pattern of eating certain foods that coincide with them.
    Just thinking.

  6. Wow , what a pain to get the wash done! I am so glad that you found a friend and it is blessing you both. What a wonderful hubby you have. I hope you start to feel better soon. I have been where you are with the driving and fear. My getting Marty and training him as a service dog helped me out so much. With him I am never alone. God Bless, mj

  7. Oh Teresa your laundry story was just toooo funny~~~not laughing at your pain though~~I have never seen a real live cockroach in my entire life and pray never too and just can not imagine one falling from the "sky" OOOh Horrors! Anyways the things you went through were terrible but the way you told your story just had me in stitches. I am so glad you can have a sense of humour in all the trials you go through just to make it through your day ~~~glad laundry will be a little easier now. Have fun with your piano teaching.

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