Things that matter

I came across this photo this evening and just wanted to share it with you. This was my middle sister Lavonda’s wedding a little under 10 years ago. But it is a picture that includes my parents and all my sisters.

Family means so much to me and the older I get, the more I realize it. I am so glad that my sisters and I have each developed close friendships as well as being sisters. My oldest sister Tina is the shortest one on the end. I am between her and the bride. Of course Lavonda (middle sister) is in the wedding dress. My parents are on her other side.

We sure do enjoy and look forward to the times we all get together at our parents’ house and have dinner (usually fried chicken, mashed potatoes, HOMEMADE mac-n-cheese, green beans and corn bread) and enjoy my father’s flower beds and all the birds and butterflies that surround the area. It is truly a paradise on earth. As you can see from how dark my dad is, he stays outside nearly all day long. We have quite a bit of Cherokee in us as well as Irish, but you’d never know about the Cherokee by looking at me! lol. ANYWAY, my oldest sister Tina knows more about our heritage than I do. I would like to learn more, though. Do you ever think about that? I often wonder if I still have relatives in Ireland because it wasnt that many generations ago that the Irish relatives came over in our family. That is just simply a thought I’m throwing out there for you to ponder about your own heritage.

I’ll add one more pic at the end. This is my sister Lavonda and her hubby Tim cutting the cake. I actually made the cake as their gift. I have not made cakes in many years. It is one of the many things I no longer do, but I do not miss the hard work, I only miss the creativity of it, the originality…but I try to find ways to use my creativity elsewhere. More than one person recently has asked me if I have ever considered writing a book. This actually has been in my mind for awhile, but I honestly am not sure what my subject would be, so I have not written a book. I have written Christian songs before, but not in a while. My oldest sister Tina has written a WONDERFUL book and I hope she finishes the illustrations soon. When she does, I will blog about it and give you a link in case you want to order it.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week and that it gets warmer soon so that everyone can really start gardening!

Just some tidbits of my life!


One thought on “Things that matter

  1. What a precious post. Everyone looks awesome!!
    A wonderful post.
    May you use all the gifts Father put in thee for when you do it will set you free.
    Lovingly, rilda *U*

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