The Mississippi Delta Queen and my new blog

I wanted to mention something about my new blog Teresa in Stitches…other than the fact that I just added my second story!

There is something special about it that I did not even think to write at the beginning of the blog! The pic at the top of my new blog is a pic of the Mississippi Delta Queen!

I took the pic while my hubby and I were out in the fishing boat summer before last. The Mississippi Delta Queen river boat had went downstream and then upstream. As I took pics of it, I had no idea that the boat would soon be docked for life as a historic landmark! The Mississippi Delta Queen was on a voyage on the Tennessee River near the Nick-a-Jack Dam while it was still in use! Neat, huh?

This was a boat that was beautiful in the sunlight, although as it got closer one could see how rough the years have been on the large vessel. Happily, however, Chattanooga now owns the landmark and it is permanently docked there now. It will be made into a restaurant. I am not sure if plans for it to be made into a hotel are also underway, but I still wanted to share a few pics of it here to show its beauty while it was doing what it was originally made for:

These were on my blog previously from my fishing trip in a slide show, but I wanted to share them individually and larger…hope you enjoy them!

Just some tidbits of my life (that I was fortunate to catch on digital photo!)



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