My very first entry was about my Aunt Marie!

Aunt Marie with the Guardian Angel picture

Well, homestead bloggers have been going through the process of an upgrade all weekend. As a result, we were not sure if our blogs were lost, in limbo, etc. Tonight my blogs were here. For this, I am thankful. However, they were not categorized. As it turns out this turned out to be a blessing, too.

As I went through each entry and set up the categories, I just realized that the very first blog entry I ever posted in February 2008 included pictures of the angel quilt my mother and I had made for her sister Marie that I have mentioned in my last two entries. My Aunt Marie passed away after a battle with Stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer last friday. She had a massive stroke approximately three years ago and this had weakened her body, making it difficult for her to withstand the chemo treatments.

My aunt lived every day in preparation for Gloryland, so I know she would tell us not to weep in sorrow for her, but to rejoice in the full GLORY OF THE LORD she is now beholding. She has always loved to collect angel figurines, but now she is rejoicing WITH the angels and PRAISING HER SAVIOR!

Please pray for the Morris family especially this week during their worst time of grief. God can bring about joy even in sorrow and He often has unexpected blessings in store when we least expect it. I pray He will pour His love, Comfort, Healing and Blessings upon the family. She has two beautiful daughters still here, with many grandchildren and great grandchildren. I pray they see glimpses of their mother in their children and grandchildren and that it gives them great comfort in the coming years. My uncle especially will need prayer to keep Him strong. I know God’s strength is more than enough when ours fails, though. My mother and her remaining two sisters and brother would also appreciate your prayers, as well as our large extended family. She truly touched each and every one of our hearts with memories we will always cherish until we meet again.

This is the link to my very first blog entry here at the homesteader group in February 2008.

I just want to thank my Lord for giving me an aunt who lived and served Him and whose very life and every story in it is a testimony of God’s goodness, mercy and love. He has her now with Him and I am so VERY humbled and thankful that I will also be with Him one day in Gloryland for He has prepared a place for all His children. He knows us each and every one, even the very hairs on our head. Amen


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