Pictures tie the past to the present

I came across this picture this week while looking at old pics that my father in law owns. I was so excited to realize that my hubby’s great-grandfather played the banjo. NOT ONLY THAT, but there was a CAT on the table beside him in the picture! These are two of my hubby’s favorite things! He must have inherited these desires from his great grandfather!

Here is my hubby, Jamey Smith below…4 generations apart and still playing banjo! Ignore the scary thing on the piano…HA…we happened to be at a friend’s house near Halloween and she always goes all out in decorating.

This is our skiddish cat Sassy who is terrified of strangers, outside and BEING PICKED UP! He was very careful and she managed without scratching him! So proud. :o)

Jamey, Sassy and myself

After I told my mother about this picture and Jamey’s great grandfather’s banjo playing, she told me that my great grandmother on my father’s side was a piano player! I already knew that my great Uncle Willie Meadows was the town fiddler for many years in Mentone, Alabama because a HUGE article was written about him in the paper in Mentone a few years ago when he was in his 90’s. He has since passed away, but used to tell me he was so glad that I am also a fiddler just as he used to be. SO it appears that I share the piano passion with my great grandmother (my father’s grandmother) AND my fiddle passion with my mother’s uncle!

The following pic was taken at a reunion approximately 20 years ago where many of the Meadows family were in attendance. I am the older redhead. The little girl is a 4th cousin if I am not mistaken. I thought it was amazing how similar we were to be so distantly related! She latched on to me the whole reunion because I played the piano for much of the event and SHE LOVED IT. Maybe another upcoming musician? I was only about 16 at the time. I have not been to a family reunion in many years, but hope we have one on this side soon! Losing my mother-in-law and both Jamey’s grandmothers has really made me want to be around my family more than ever.

Family Reunion 1990

Family Reunion 1990

Music is all around us and in us! For me, it was a gift God gave me after I asked Him to do so. It was one of those few times that He literally answered my prayer almost IMMEDIATELY. I cannot remember a time that I sat down at a piano that I could not play. He just somehow showed me. I took lessons eventually, too because I believe that anything we do for the Lord should be done to the best of our ability. I love to make a joyful noise unto the Lord! It is so natural to praise Him in song!

Little tidbits of OUR life!



4 thoughts on “Pictures tie the past to the present

  1. That’s pretty cool about the banjo. It’s a special kind of thrill when you learn of an ancestor having the same interests as you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love old pictures. That’s really neat how they both love the banjo. It makes you wonder what you have in common with your ancestors. Commenting on your other post…I hope the new medicine helps you. I hope you find some relief soon. What a great hubby you have to help you and be so understanding. I know all hubbys should… but… you see so many who skip out when the rough times hit..sadly. Oh, and your cat is super cute too!

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