Our new kitten has a name!

My hubby told me today he thinks we should name our new kitten Ashley. I thought at first “Gone with the Wind” is NOT exactly my hubby’s kind of movie, but I LIKE IT!”. Then he explained that he decided this due to her colors looking like ashes, but since she is a girl, he thought it appropriate. He then said we could call her “Ash” for short. I have been calling her “Ashes” ever since, it just seems to fit her.

I babysat a little girl named Ashley until she was old enough to not have a babysitter. She is now in her 20s, so I am partial to the name Ashley. I call this young lady Ash! Now I have a cat named after my little Ash! I am excited to tell her about her namesake.

I am SO GLAD she finally has a name to start to learn! This may sound silly to those who do not have pets, but for a household with no children, our pets are very important to us. We love them very much and want them to have names! I took her to the vet last week and based on his estimate, she is about 7 weeks old in the following picture that I just took of cute little Ashes:

Ashley "Ashes"


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