Ashes’ Debut and Pumpkin is NOT a happy kitty.

Ashes was in a good mood today, so I took a few pictures for you. Pumpkin was not her normal photogenic self, though. I do not particularly like this word, but she is J-E-A-L-O-U-S!!! She goes to the bedroom door and just stands there hissing at the closed door. She knows little Ashes is on the other side even though she has never even been in the same room with her. (We are keeping them separated until Ashes is big enough to defend herself and also until she gets her shots).

She is NOT asleep. SHE IS POUTING!!! The sad thing is that there is room on the other side of the mantle for one more cat! It would balance it out and give it symmetry.

I think by the way Ashes looks in these pics, she may be thinking “move over Pumpkin, THERE IS A NEW CAT IN TOWN”!

The crazy cat is so hyper that she ended up running both myself and my hubby into the spare bedroom because she would not let us sleep last night for wanting to claw, bite, pounce, play and run all over us and the bed. She has taken over the master bedroom! She is used to Jamey getting up early and he was off for the holiday. There is something to be said for routine even for baby pets! I’m EXHAUSTED TODAY! She has been this way all weekend! Someone has suggested we squirt her with water. We use water for Pumpkin as she gets into EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING she possibly can find. It seems to do the trick for her, but as small as Ashes is, we need a different sprayer first I think. I am now thankful for the spare bedroom! I hope you enjoyed the little tidbit in our life named Ashes today!



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