The most valuable things in life have nothing to do with money

I thought I would write a blog entry today just to keep my journal up to date. I have been working for a few months now on a special project for my father-in-law. He wanted to surprise his younger sister with a photo album of their history growing up, as well as any pictures he has of her children growing up. Their mother’s home was destroyed in a fire a few years ago and his sister’s pictures were in the house at the time. He came across a jewel of an album that his wife (my mother-in-law) Freda evidently had put together. We have no other explanation for its origins. SO I told him I would take care of it. For a couple months I have scanned pics here and there, but due to back pain, it has taken me quite awhile. I finally completed the task last week. The finished result is TWO BOOKS! He has one book to give her of their years growing up, and even up to two generations before him! The second book is of her children and I included a section at the end of our family, my wedding with Jamey, and several pictures in memory of my mother-in-law Freda…and then I ended the book with my favorite picture of James and Freda.

We will have a family gathering soon because there are several birthdays right now (including mine…I will be 37 this month!), so the gifts will be presented to Aunt Susie during the cookout she is hosting. She has no idea, either! They arrived today and Kodak did an AMAZING JOB! They are simply BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited. I wish we could take them to her right now! 🙂

Just after I ordered these books, my father-in-law brought me another box of pictures! I wish I had known about their existence before I ordered the books because I found some real jewels in there! The pic at the top of this entry is my hubby as a little boy. I showed it to him and said “now I know the REAL reason there is no longer a MUPPET SHOW!”…

Other than that, I found a holder for my plates that I had painted blue and then glued aquarium gravel and seashells to…the picture is here on my pictures blog.

I hope you enjoy. If you have old pictures and have never organized them into an album, I encourage you to try the Kodak Gallery.

Just some more little tidbits of my life…



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