Fresh smell of coffee…not always such a good thing!

This afternoon, I realized that the fresh smell of coffee filling the air of your kitchen is not necessarily a good thing!

My cat Sassy loves her afternoon naps. At 4 pm, I was surprised when she came to the den and persistently tried to get my attention. Finally I realized “Sassy is trying to tell me something”. I knew that she normally takes her naps in the kitchen either behind the drapes in the sun, or on a day like today when it is about to storm, on top of the upright freezer…so naturally I started walking toward the last place I assumed she had been. Suddenly I was overcome by a very strong scent of coffee. My first thought was that my hubby had left the coffeemaker on this morning before he left to ride his motorcycle. That was literally 8 hours ago or longer! I was worried and started walking faster. The picture below is the scene I found to my shock!!!

As you can see, little Ash…our newest kitten and addition to the household…is also checking out the strewn mess.

I can only wonder if Sassy came to A: tell on herself for accidently knocking off the coffee from the freezer….or B: tell on Ash for finding Sassy’s hiding spot on the freezer and thus in the process of Sassy hurrying off the freezer, this was the result. Either way, I was left to clean up the mess. I am proud of Sassy cat, though for coming to get me before the cats played in the coffee grinds or WORSE, used them as litter! OH MY!!!

As the canister fell, it hit the counter, thus knocking the lid off and spreading the coffee granules all over the countertop, too.

In other news, I had it in my thoughts that it was monday instead of thursday for some reason. I took the following picture “outside my window” to use in The Simple Woman’s Daybook since I hardly ever make a monday entry for it. Since I am wrong about the date, I will just post the pic. You will see a few Rose of Sharons, bee balm, butterfly bushes, edge of crepe myrtles, maple tree and in the distance, my new weeping cherry tree that I pray makes it through this drought this year.

MORE NEWS: My little cousin who is due ON MY BIRTHDAY this month is having a baby shower this weekend. I had hoped to make her a quilt, but due to my low energy level, have not been able to do so. I ordered some cute fleece blankets through ABC Distributing in her colors of turquoise and brown. However, today I have been making a special project for her new little one named Haden Lee. I will post a pic when I finish it. Also, she may have the baby a little early as she has already dialated 2 cm, so alas, he just might not be born on my birthday afterall! That’s okay, the main thing is that he gets here safely and is in great health.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about a few tidbits of my life!



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