Catawba (Catalpa) Trees

The following picture was taken June 2006 of my parents’ catawba (catalpa) tree.

This next picture was taken today. This is my dad standing under the tree as reference to just how huge this tree is!

This tree’s leaves serves as food for the catawba worm, also known as catalpa worm. This worm turns into a catalpa sphinx moth eventually. I was at my parents’ house today and happened to catch these worms chomping away at this beautiful tree. These worms are often used for fishing. I recall using them during one of the very first times I ever went fishing as a child. As you can see, the trees are pretty old.

I do not want to gross you out with pics of worms, but this one above looks different than most of the other worms. Most are black along their back, as in the next pic.

The next picture shows how the worms can strip a limb of the leaves.

ENOUGH WORMS? How about flowers and butterflies that were in my dad’s yard today instead?

(plus dad’s martin house!)

Rose of Sharon

Surprise Lilies

Fritillary butterfly on butterfly bush above and Painted Lady below



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