My 37th Birthday Dinner

WOW I had a fun day!

I got all gussied up today in preparation for my 37th birthday dinner at my sis Lavonda’s house. Homemade pizza and two different kinds of trifles for dessert were underway while I was still sleeping!

Ready to go!

When I arrived, preparations to get the pizza dough spread were well underway, so I decided to blog the pizzas.

First, my oldest sis Tina is seen here trying to make an action shot of spreading on hot sausage over pepperoni. Later garlic was added to one side along with a few different cheeses. Additionally, onions were also added to the other half as well as all other toppings mentioned. This pizza was WONDERFUL. Low fat cheeses were used and my sis Tina used a napkin and literally wiped each pepperoni as she went. She is the sis who was recently in the hospital with pancreatitis. I believe the sausage was turkey sausage.

Next, my mother was diligently working on a barbeque chicken pizza. I did not ever get around to trying this one as there were so many options. It smelled wonderful, though and only 4 pieces were left when all was over.

Next, is a beef and italian sausage pizza with onions that my middle sis Lavonda, the hostess, was throwing together. These are her manicured nails in the next pic.

These are my two sisters and my sis Lavonda’s hubby Tim being silly.

This is my mom kicking dad out of the kitchen as he tends to stir folks up!

This is my mother and my brother-in-law (and host) Tim below.

My sis Tina suggested a few pics of me, so here are a very few pics of me:

In my sis’s Dining Room

In honor of Pizza, pose by Tuscan Painting

my hubby Jamey and myself

I said I think I’m getting crow’s feet for my 37th birthday…but it’s just because I laugh so much. I don’t think we will have to worry about my hubby getting crow’s feet! He refuses to smile, even for a pic! Maybe he should be tickled.

my oldest sis Tina and myself

My father-in-law James


Mom’s Salad

Triple Berry Trifle

Irish Creme Trifle

Let me tell you a quick story. The day I got married, the best man asked my sister to be his lookout…to call him when my in-laws left the wedding. He planned to roll my father-in-law’s bass boat and needed to make sure he and his dad did not get caught. She did as instructed. WELL, once all was said and done, somehow, word got to my father-in-law that she made the call. SO I will be married for 9 years this November and my father-in-law has told her for 9 years that revenge is COMING. He got his revenge today. My sister makes sure it is known that she is a democrat, no doubt about it. SO my father-in-law and I discussed his revenge and I made an off-white pillow for him to give to her that said I (red satin heart) George W. Link can be found below (or click the picture) on my youtube page of her finding it laying on her bed and her surprise reaction. His card per his instructions read “Paybacks are hell”, but it was on a Disney’s Bambi background. I think the main reason he came to the dinner was for the pillow!

Lavonda and pillow “I HEART George W.”

my FIL James and my sis Lavonda


My sis Tina has already taken me shopping as I mentioned in a previous blog entry. On the trip, she told me she reads with an LED book light. I just cannot imagine a book light that lasts more than a book! Alas, I now own one, too! She gave me more presents! I love it and love this photo I took with it on!


Tina also bought corn skewers for me. I thought I had written a funny story about my childhood involving corn skewers for corn on the cob, but I did not see it, so I guess I have another entry to write for that blog. Once I do, you will understand why my sis included them in my birthday presents bag this year.

Besides all the wonderful food, my sis Lavonda and brother-in-law Tim gave me this necklace. I had picked it out months ago at the Premier Jewelry party she hosted, but it is so much prettier in person!

I already blogged an entry that my parents gave me a food processor this week, but my dad brought me something he MADE for me! It is a foot rest that is a replica of the one his foot doctor sent him to buy for himself. He also padded and covered it for my comfort so I would not have to! Mom helped him, too. I LOVE IT! When I got home, I had a CAT SCAN done on it and the test result was normal so I can keep it. (see pics for explanation)

Buster and Ash doing CAT SCAN

Pumpkin doing CAT scan

I hope you have a blessed birthday this year just as I have! My birthday is still not even here! It is the 22nd!

Little tidbits of my life!



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