The Lion in my house

As many of you who often read my blog know, I have indoor cats. One of my cats is a ragdoll cat named Buster. He has long hair and is hot ALL the time. He lays around on the stone in front of the fireplace or just hangs out on top of the air vents when the air conditioner is on. For awhile he has needed to be shaved. I have been very leery of this idea because one of my best friends and neighbor as a child had a chow who…well I guess you would call it…went into shock from the grooming and never was the same afterwards.

Well Buster, he is pitiful. He grooms himself constantly and leaves what looks like big cottonballs literally all over the house. I had to buy a special vacuum (the Bissell pet hair vacuum) just because of him. He often gets sick from the hairballs and he thinks I am the ENEMY when I give him hairball medicine, but it HAS to be done to keep him from choking….and I feel so helpless when he is trying to get rid of one…nothing I can do but just hope he doesnt get it on my carpet…seriously, it is scary to see a cat gagging and choking all the time.

On my facebook page this week, one of my friends had posted a pic of her mother’s Himalayan cat who looked a lot like my Buster, but was a lot lighter. When I asked her about the cat, I found out that the cat is shaved twice a year and she was lighter because it was her undercoat! She said the grooming changed this particular cat’s personality for the better because she felt so much better. She became more sociable and just LOVED the haircut. She gave me the info for the veterinary clinic who shaves her. I decided to make Buster an appointment.

That is the background for my story today. I want to tell this as a life lesson because Buster’s actions to the entire preparation process really hit me as how we act as God’s children a lot of times.

The instructions I was given seemed simple enough…no food after 6 pm and no water after 10 pm. Make sure Buster is at the clinic between 7 am and 8:30 am and pick him up any time after 3:30 pm. because he would have to be sedated for the procedure. He also needed his shots (just a side note…but he got those while sedated, so no trauma there!)

Of course everything looks simple written down, but for a cat like Buster, putting his food bowl up at 6 pm was a MAJOR EVENT! I feed Buster and Sassy with an automatic feeder, so they just take a nibble here and there, but mostly in the evening and night, then go to bed and do not usually eat again until suppertime because I also give them treats at designated times.  No sweat, not much to do… Put their automatic feeder in the large container that we keep the bag of cat food in…the water is in our master bathroom, so at 10 pm just close the door and we are all set!


Well at first Buster attempted the loving approach. He jumped up on the back of my recliner and just leaned his whole 18 lb body over on my head and purred, purred, purred. He did this literally for about 30 minutes. I feed them in the den, about 10 feet from my recliner. There is a little sink, refrigerator and bar in that area that is “their” domain. Sassy (gray tabby) just quietly sat on the edge of the bar, patiently waiting. I think she knew that I have never withheld food for very long, so she was just simply not too worried about it, just waiting. She is a wise and patient kitty. 

After Buster attempted the loving approach of nuzzling my head for 30 minutes or so, he finally gave up and huffed VERY LOUDLY and jumped down, then raced down the hall in a tantrum. He acted much like a very angry and spoiled child. He is a vocal cat, so he was fussing the whole time.

When he jumped down, it scared Sassy, so she ran, too. This was a bad idea because he took his frustrations out on her. I could hear them wrestling (they are both declawed on the front, so their fighting is usually pretty harmless) and Sassy started whining. This meant Buster was really mad because usually he does not get the best of Sassy. I told Buster to leave her alone. This got his attention long enough for Sassy to go hide. She is only about 8 lb soaking wet.

[X] Water Taken Away

Bedtime was pretty much a repeat of loving/anger/loving/anger. When I went to bed, Buster immediately jumped up beside me. I have a king size bed and Buster sleeps on the corner. Most of the time he starts out at the foot of the bed on top of the covers, and then by early morning, he is laying beside my head on the corner. I even lay a blanket out there for him. Well this night he went straight to his blanket purring and loving. He wanted a treat. I always give them a treat just before bedtime. When he realized I was not going to get up and get a treat, he huffed VERY LOUDLY AGAIN and then took a GIANT LEAP clear across the king size bed to the floor, never touching the end of the bed, and started chasing Sassy again. She finally got away and hid under the bed. He will not go under the bed, so she was safe there.

FINALLY, I fell asleep, so I have no idea what he did during my sleep.

I got up at 6 am and Buster was laying beside me asleep. I quickly got a bag of cat treats and although I felt guilty about it, I pretended to throw a treat into the cat carrier. He ran in and I closed the door. Then I got ready to go to town.  The ride to the vet that morning made me think of what I heard called Chinese water torture when I was in elementary school. I do not know if it is true. I think it is where just a drip of water falls intermittently nonstop for hours and drives one insane? I did not call it that to offend anyone reading this that may be Chinese. That is simply the name I heard it was called…ANYWAY, the noise Buster made all the way to town was like that…just an intermittent tone that sounded like a meow of the word “no” every few seconds. No matter what I did, he would not stop. He did not know what was going on. He was hungry and thirsty and MAD, MAD, MAD! SO he wanted to torture me.

I dropped him off and I filled out the necessary paperwork. when I looked in to the front of the cage to tell him bye, he curled himself up in a ball as far away as possible to really make me feel guilty for leaving him. Just seconds before, he had been at the front of the cage looking at the vet tech, so I know this was done “just for me”.

Several hours passed and I was back that evening ready to pick Buster up. I was so ready for him. I had thought about him ALL DAY. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. They brought him in to me and he looked like a lion! He was SO CUTE! He looked like he’d lost about 10 lbs, too! I was SHOCKED! Everyone there just kept gushing over how cute he looked. They left his mane and the hair on his feet and end of his tail. He is just adorable! SO I sat in the back seat and put a big towel in my lap and let him out of the carrier for most of the ride since he was still groggy. FORTUNATELY, he was glad to see me and let me hold him. He enjoyed watching the traffic on the interstate.

Sure enough, he HAS been like a different cat. He has never been a cat to sit in the den all evening or in my lap or even to let me pet him much. BUT now he curls up on the blanket right beside me on the couch and stays in the living room all evening. He LOVES for his back to be rubbed where the hair was shaved. He purrs every time I touch him (in a good way, does not run off). I have not seen him fight with Sassy even ONE time since he has been home. It has been 4 days now! His whole demeanor has changed. He did not hold a grudge toward me. He still follows me around the house like he used to. I have always called him my Butler, but now that he looks like a lion, I hate to give him a servant’s role! HAHA. In the summary below I will refer to myself as master only to make the lesson clear.

There are SO MANY LIFE LESSONS in this story of Buster. Buster did not know WHY his master was treating him this way. Buster tried many approaches to get his master to do things Buster’s way instead of his master’s way. Buster did not consider that the master knew best and was looking out for his good. Buster did not know how much better his life was going to be once the master’s plan was carried out. Buster fought and fought against the master’s plan. Buster’s anger hurt his master as his master had to show tough love and go against Buster’s wishes for his own good. It is too bad he did not enjoy the time with his master, that he did not simply be patient like Sassy. Buster put so much unneeded stress upon himself by NOT trusting his master. He also hurt those around him in the process (Sassy). But now look at how happy he is! He is cool, calm, his belly is full and he has all the water he could ever want…plus now he can enjoy closeness with us, which he could not do before because he was just simply too hot to sit with us! THE MASTER KNOWS BEST! TRUST THE MASTER!

Why do we so often want to do things OUR way instead of God’s way…why as Christians can we not see that God’s Plan is that we trust Him so much that our Will becomes the SAME as His will? My cat helped me really see just how much I have to learn about keeping with God’s Will and not following a different path. HE is not the enemy, so why in the world do we so often treat HIM like HE is? The song “Trust and obey, there is no other way”…sounds easy, but is so hard….oh but that sweet peace and joy we will find if we trust and obey our Lord! He DOES know best! His ways are not our ways, but HE is teaching us and guiding us….we must LISTEN and NOT RUN THE OTHER WAY, do not be a fickle Christian…be steadfast…it is all part of the process of maturing as a Christian.

I love this pic because he looks mad, but it is just because he has ice blue eyes. It is so hard to get a pic of his eyes! If I put it on the red eye reduction setting, he blinks, so instead I get a pic like this! He’s a cutie, though! He’s a gift from God and I am thankful for him!

I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit from my life!


My sister just published her first book!!!

If you are a pet lover, you will love the book my oldest sister Tina just published! This was her FIRST BOOK PUBLISHED! I am so proud of her! She is a professor at a local college and lives with her husband in Ooltewah, TN.

Warning! You’ll need to get some tissues if you read this one…it made me LAUGH and CRY and LAUGH some more and CRY some more…lol…I could NOT put it down until I had read the entire little book! (I proofread her manuscript before she published it). I know she’s my sister and I am partial, but I LOVED this little book!

Here is the link to the amazon page to order the eBook My Wedding Present by Tina R. Cannon…it is only available in electronic form. If you do not have a kindle, you can use the software Kindle for PC to read eBooks. Amazon also has apps for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and android. Just go to the page for the book and then look in the right column for the free download.

Fresh smell of coffee…not always such a good thing!

This afternoon, I realized that the fresh smell of coffee filling the air of your kitchen is not necessarily a good thing!

My cat Sassy loves her afternoon naps. At 4 pm, I was surprised when she came to the den and persistently tried to get my attention. Finally I realized “Sassy is trying to tell me something”. I knew that she normally takes her naps in the kitchen either behind the drapes in the sun, or on a day like today when it is about to storm, on top of the upright freezer…so naturally I started walking toward the last place I assumed she had been. Suddenly I was overcome by a very strong scent of coffee. My first thought was that my hubby had left the coffeemaker on this morning before he left to ride his motorcycle. That was literally 8 hours ago or longer! I was worried and started walking faster. The picture below is the scene I found to my shock!!!

As you can see, little Ash…our newest kitten and addition to the household…is also checking out the strewn mess.

I can only wonder if Sassy came to A: tell on herself for accidently knocking off the coffee from the freezer….or B: tell on Ash for finding Sassy’s hiding spot on the freezer and thus in the process of Sassy hurrying off the freezer, this was the result. Either way, I was left to clean up the mess. I am proud of Sassy cat, though for coming to get me before the cats played in the coffee grinds or WORSE, used them as litter! OH MY!!!

As the canister fell, it hit the counter, thus knocking the lid off and spreading the coffee granules all over the countertop, too.

In other news, I had it in my thoughts that it was monday instead of thursday for some reason. I took the following picture “outside my window” to use in The Simple Woman’s Daybook since I hardly ever make a monday entry for it. Since I am wrong about the date, I will just post the pic. You will see a few Rose of Sharons, bee balm, butterfly bushes, edge of crepe myrtles, maple tree and in the distance, my new weeping cherry tree that I pray makes it through this drought this year.

MORE NEWS: My little cousin who is due ON MY BIRTHDAY this month is having a baby shower this weekend. I had hoped to make her a quilt, but due to my low energy level, have not been able to do so. I ordered some cute fleece blankets through ABC Distributing in her colors of turquoise and brown. However, today I have been making a special project for her new little one named Haden Lee. I will post a pic when I finish it. Also, she may have the baby a little early as she has already dialated 2 cm, so alas, he just might not be born on my birthday afterall! That’s okay, the main thing is that he gets here safely and is in great health.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about a few tidbits of my life!


Ashes’ Debut and Pumpkin is NOT a happy kitty.

Ashes was in a good mood today, so I took a few pictures for you. Pumpkin was not her normal photogenic self, though. I do not particularly like this word, but she is J-E-A-L-O-U-S!!! She goes to the bedroom door and just stands there hissing at the closed door. She knows little Ashes is on the other side even though she has never even been in the same room with her. (We are keeping them separated until Ashes is big enough to defend herself and also until she gets her shots).

She is NOT asleep. SHE IS POUTING!!! The sad thing is that there is room on the other side of the mantle for one more cat! It would balance it out and give it symmetry.

I think by the way Ashes looks in these pics, she may be thinking “move over Pumpkin, THERE IS A NEW CAT IN TOWN”!

The crazy cat is so hyper that she ended up running both myself and my hubby into the spare bedroom because she would not let us sleep last night for wanting to claw, bite, pounce, play and run all over us and the bed. She has taken over the master bedroom! She is used to Jamey getting up early and he was off for the holiday. There is something to be said for routine even for baby pets! I’m EXHAUSTED TODAY! She has been this way all weekend! Someone has suggested we squirt her with water. We use water for Pumpkin as she gets into EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING she possibly can find. It seems to do the trick for her, but as small as Ashes is, we need a different sprayer first I think. I am now thankful for the spare bedroom! I hope you enjoyed the little tidbit in our life named Ashes today!


Our new kitten has a name!

My hubby told me today he thinks we should name our new kitten Ashley. I thought at first “Gone with the Wind” is NOT exactly my hubby’s kind of movie, but I LIKE IT!”. Then he explained that he decided this due to her colors looking like ashes, but since she is a girl, he thought it appropriate. He then said we could call her “Ash” for short. I have been calling her “Ashes” ever since, it just seems to fit her.

I babysat a little girl named Ashley until she was old enough to not have a babysitter. She is now in her 20s, so I am partial to the name Ashley. I call this young lady Ash! Now I have a cat named after my little Ash! I am excited to tell her about her namesake.

I am SO GLAD she finally has a name to start to learn! This may sound silly to those who do not have pets, but for a household with no children, our pets are very important to us. We love them very much and want them to have names! I took her to the vet last week and based on his estimate, she is about 7 weeks old in the following picture that I just took of cute little Ashes:

Ashley "Ashes"

Computer Virus name Sassy!

I was reading the page of friends’ blogs today through my blog and all of a sudden, my screen just kept scrolling to the bottom, I couldnt do ANYTHING to stop it!

I clicked the X and closed the window…

THEN the screen behind that one was doing the same thing! I clicked the X and closed that window…

THEN I’m just at the desktop of my computer and it was going crazy, too!!! I clicked the start and then went to the shut down screen. I tried to click the restart icon, but it just kept telling me what the icon meant in a bubble pop-up…SAME THING for when I tried to click shut down instead of restart!


WELL, it turns out my cat Sassy was SITTING on the arrow key that is pointing down on my keyboard!!! 

Sassy LOVES to sit in front of me on the table at the computer and attack my fingers when I type. This makes for quite the entertainment. She’s just a little bit of nothing of a cat, was 5.9 lbs when I took her to vet last…she probably weighs close to 8 lbs since we let the orange tabby Charlie come live with us…more competition for the food bowl I guess.

Please watch out for this computer virus Sassy as this virus will start attacking your fingers as well as your computer!!!

Me and Sassy Christmas 2007

Special Delivery!

Well, I had quite the day! I was on my back deck when I had that “feeling” I was being watched…I was right! It was one of my neighbor’s cows watching me about 30 feet away at the fenceline! She looked troubled. I talked to her gently. She turned around and anxiously took a few steps. That’s when I realized this poor thing was about to have herself a calf!

I called my neighbor to make sure they were aware of the goings on, then I went next door and told our aunt’s granddaughter to come watch with me! She is 8 years old and loved every minute of it. We watched for about 30 minutes when our aunt came out to watch with us. At the last minute, I decided to video this momentus occasion. I was just in time!

She finally stood up about an hour or so after I filmed, but I did not catch that on tape.

The pics below are of first time mom and baby, and one that I thought was particularly sweet was where a “friend” of the family stopped by to welcome the newborn! She just nudged the little one, greeted the mom for lack of better description, then mosied on up the hill to give them room.

I am sure some folks will think I am crazy to make such a fuss over cows, but I just love all God’s creatures. The wonder of birth is fascinating no matter who or what is the mom.

I hope you enjoyed!