Spring Arrangement for Door, Idea I found on Pinterest…

Photo Mar 21, 5 58 31 AM (1)This week is the first week my Spring Arrangement for my door has bloomed on the tulip side! I was so excited to see that the idea is working…I actually bought a whole pot of tulips already about to bloom and I purchased a plot of three miniature plants, two were miniature daffodils and one was a hyacinth. I took wire and wrapped where I wanted the depth to stop on the umbrella and also made a loop with the wire to hang onto door…I actually used two wires so I would get the crooked effect just right…then I added my ribbon. In the loops where I wanted to put the flowers, I tripled plastic bags and put them in the holes first, then I planted my flowers in the actual sacks. This way when I water the flowers, it won’t run down my door. Next, I had an adorable bird and moss left over from an arrangement from my mother in law’s funeral in Dec 2009 so I used it in the center. This made the whole thing so special to me. THEN I watered it just a tiny bit and I check the moisture level each day to make sure it is not dry.

I LOVE the site www.pinterest.com and I found this wonderful link there to a picture that shows an arrangement that inspired this idea. Here is original picture link if you would like to visit the site:

UPDATE: I now have three tulips bloomed and two more on the way, but my mini daffodils are starting to die…thinking about changing them out to purple hyacinths…

Photo Mar 30, 3 05 47 PM

Little Tidbits of Teresa’s Life…


Pictures from Mother’s Day at my parents’ house

My mother and one of my sisters took a walk around my parents’ property on Mother’s Day. Here are some of the things we saw:

A field of wildflowers

Betty Boop roses

Catawba trees in bloom with homemade birdhouse

Close-up of Catawba blooms

Peonies just planted in this bed

White Iris

Purple Iris and Pink Honeysuckle

I always love visiting my parents’ property with all the birds and butterflies flying about! It is a lovely place to be and a true reminder of the beauty God put here on earth. There will be many more flowers soon as my dad’s daylilies will be in bloom before we know it! I will try to remember to post pics of his daylily beds.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Catawba (Catalpa) Trees

The following picture was taken June 2006 of my parents’ catawba (catalpa) tree.

This next picture was taken today. This is my dad standing under the tree as reference to just how huge this tree is!

This tree’s leaves serves as food for the catawba worm, also known as catalpa worm. This worm turns into a catalpa sphinx moth eventually. I was at my parents’ house today and happened to catch these worms chomping away at this beautiful tree. These worms are often used for fishing. I recall using them during one of the very first times I ever went fishing as a child. As you can see, the trees are pretty old.

I do not want to gross you out with pics of worms, but this one above looks different than most of the other worms. Most are black along their back, as in the next pic.

The next picture shows how the worms can strip a limb of the leaves.

ENOUGH WORMS? How about flowers and butterflies that were in my dad’s yard today instead?

(plus dad’s martin house!)

Rose of Sharon

Surprise Lilies

Fritillary butterfly on butterfly bush above and Painted Lady below


Fresh smell of coffee…not always such a good thing!

This afternoon, I realized that the fresh smell of coffee filling the air of your kitchen is not necessarily a good thing!

My cat Sassy loves her afternoon naps. At 4 pm, I was surprised when she came to the den and persistently tried to get my attention. Finally I realized “Sassy is trying to tell me something”. I knew that she normally takes her naps in the kitchen either behind the drapes in the sun, or on a day like today when it is about to storm, on top of the upright freezer…so naturally I started walking toward the last place I assumed she had been. Suddenly I was overcome by a very strong scent of coffee. My first thought was that my hubby had left the coffeemaker on this morning before he left to ride his motorcycle. That was literally 8 hours ago or longer! I was worried and started walking faster. The picture below is the scene I found to my shock!!!

As you can see, little Ash…our newest kitten and addition to the household…is also checking out the strewn mess.

I can only wonder if Sassy came to A: tell on herself for accidently knocking off the coffee from the freezer….or B: tell on Ash for finding Sassy’s hiding spot on the freezer and thus in the process of Sassy hurrying off the freezer, this was the result. Either way, I was left to clean up the mess. I am proud of Sassy cat, though for coming to get me before the cats played in the coffee grinds or WORSE, used them as litter! OH MY!!!

As the canister fell, it hit the counter, thus knocking the lid off and spreading the coffee granules all over the countertop, too.

In other news, I had it in my thoughts that it was monday instead of thursday for some reason. I took the following picture “outside my window” to use in The Simple Woman’s Daybook since I hardly ever make a monday entry for it. Since I am wrong about the date, I will just post the pic. You will see a few Rose of Sharons, bee balm, butterfly bushes, edge of crepe myrtles, maple tree and in the distance, my new weeping cherry tree that I pray makes it through this drought this year.

MORE NEWS: My little cousin who is due ON MY BIRTHDAY this month is having a baby shower this weekend. I had hoped to make her a quilt, but due to my low energy level, have not been able to do so. I ordered some cute fleece blankets through ABC Distributing in her colors of turquoise and brown. However, today I have been making a special project for her new little one named Haden Lee. I will post a pic when I finish it. Also, she may have the baby a little early as she has already dialated 2 cm, so alas, he just might not be born on my birthday afterall! That’s okay, the main thing is that he gets here safely and is in great health.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about a few tidbits of my life!


My 35th Birthday Today

Posted August 22, 2008

Well, that’s right! I turned 35 years old today!

FIRST OF ALL, guess what had opened a bloom today on my birthday! YES, that same peace lily I had blogged about here: click here. This was the first time it has bloomed since I posted that blog! What a special birthday treat for me!

GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY? I threw myself a birthday party for my sisters/brothers-in-laws and parents/parents-in-laws and hubby’s grandmothers. No, I do not normally throw parties for myself, but this was a special occassion indeed. As I have blogged about previously, my family heard that my rheumatologist said I need to do water aerobics to help my fibromyalgia. my family all pitched in and helped me to buy a nice above-ground pool!!!

SO I threw this party as thanks to them for doing something so SPECIAL for me! They turned this FM problem into something wonderful! I LOVE exercising in the pool. As a matter of fact, it is really the only time I feel VERY good. I am still exhausted when I am in the pool, so I do not do anything major, but just to be able to move my arms and legs around freely is SO WONDERFUL! I had purchased a hammock float (which I had never heard of before researching for pools) and it is PERFECT to fit all my needs in the pool!

We had BBQ pizza delivered by a local restaurant and I decorated my dining room and back deck with a tropical theme. I had purchased two games to play: pineapple bowling and ALOHA bingo, but we ended up just sitting around and eating and talking and generally enjoying each others’ company.

I had originally planned on this being a pool party, but because everyones’ allergies have been so bad this week, we just stayed inside in the air conditioning.

NOW, on to the PICTURES! Do you ever host something like this and take pics of the decorations before everyone gets there, and THEN forget to take a single picture while all the guests are there??? WELL that is exactly what I did today. SO the following pics are just decorations. I will explain each one as we go.

This is the centerpiece…too funny, huh???

This is the entrance to the back deck

This is the back deck

This is the back deck

This is the back deck table centerpiece. I made the ducks, lily pads and flower out of play-doh.

This is a close-up of the centerpiece. I had made a mama duck, too, but I dried her too long and she cracked and lost a wing!!! SO I felt she was not up to a party in her condition. LOL

My dad built these steps because the ladder that came with the pool was WAY too unstable.

My sister Lavonda and her husband were the first to arrive and they brought these CUTE Tiki monkeys for me, so I added them to the dining room centerpiece

This was the punch we had. I will share the recipe below it because it was SUPER easy and VERY GOOD.

Both my parents are diabetics, so I was trying to come up with something they could drink, too. SO I bought Diet Sunkist (orange) and Bryer’s NO SUGAR ADDED vanilla ice cream. We put the ice cream in the punch bowl and poured Sunkist on top of it. It tasted much like creamsicles, which we ALL LOVED. I had forgotten to refrigerate the Sunkist, so it melted the ice cream too quickly, so if you use the same recipe, be sure to refrigerate the Sunkist first!

NOW, I had also had prizes ready in case we played the games I mentioned above. They were just silly prizes, but cute. Below is a pic of the prize bag.

NOW, the bag holding the prizes was actually a beach bag I had made my mother-in-law last year for her vacation to Orange Beach. I used machine embroidery and I had purchased the embroidery design online…I think I got it at emblibrary.com, but can’t remember for sure. I designed the bag myself and also put my MIL’s name on the front. I thought it turned out so CUTE. I will include pic of back, and the inside pocket that is deep enough for suntan lotion on one side and shallow enough for keys, change, whatever in the other section…and it zipped. I wish I’d made me one! LOL

Thank you for visiting! Have a great weekend!


Things around my yard this June

The apples are almost ready!!!! Soon we will have apple butter and apple pies coming out our ears! Due to so little rain these past few weeks, the apples are so pretty, no fungus!

YIKES! At about 3 ft long, this rattlesnake doesn’t show its rattles yet, but I sure wish they’d play somewhere else! My MIL was on her way to our house from next door and almost stepped on it!!!! My FIL “took care” of it for her.

I have to give this little guy an A+++ for effort!!!

It’s a bug’s life! He’s just enjoying the catnip I guess.

This “creature” is my hubby building a flowerbed for me!!! SHHH!!! He does not know I took this pic! He hates flowers and this is the first time he has participated in my obsession!!!

A close-up of these beauties!

The front flowerbeds are getting bigger!

A few projects on the back deck.

Sorry I haven’t been on in a few days. We started revival at church sunday, which was WONDERFUL! Then monday was a super-bad painful day. I called my rheumy and his wonderfully sweet nurse was so understanding. He increased lyrica from 200mg to 300 mg. For the next 2 days I’ve been pretty out of it. I started feeling a little better yesterday, but ended up OVER-DOING it as a result! I had a rough evening. I woke up about 2 pm today with NO PAIN!!!!! SO, I decided to get the pics off my camera and share them with you.

I just love the summer! I hope you are enjoying it, too!