A WEEK of presents!

In a few days (10 to be exact) I will have a birthday. My family has been giving me presents all week long! I feel like a kid…except most kids are not excited to get a food processor for their laundry soap. My parents have been at my house on several occasions canning and always have to bring their food processor. They know how much I love my homemade detergent, but also how much it aggrevates my thumbs because of the psoriasis (the rubbing to grate by hand causes them to crack open and bleed). SO while I was at their house for 3 days this week for dr visits, my mother surprised me with a new food processor. I thought at first it was a blender and I was like ummm…thanks. Then it hit me as I looked more closely! She saw my smile become genuine and then she showed me her laundry detergent! She and dad had bought one to do their detergent with as well because I suggested they try the homemade recipe. SO NOW instead of an hour or so for two or three batches, it took about 3 minutes!

In addition to this present, my oldest sis Tina (papercat1 on homestead’s blogsite) took me to Fashion Bug and I picked out two shirts. I had planned to buy one of them, but she grabbed it from me and said she was buying both. THEN she bought my lunch at a wonderful restaurant I had not been to in years in Cleveland, TN called Jenkins. Local folks will know what I am talking about. I won’t post pics of the shirts yet because we still have a birthday supper soon and I am sure we will have cameras there. I will wait until then.

The last day I was at my mother’s house, I had one dr’s appointment late in the day, so she suggested we go see a movie, her treat. I knew she had wanted to see the new Shrek movie ever since we saw the preview on American Idol. So I checked online and it was playing for $1 a person at the Regal Cinema! We saw it for $2 total!!! Great deal $1 all day wednesdays at Regal 10-17 behind Hamilton Place Mall for somewhat local Chattanooga folks.

My middle sis has plans underway, too. I shall tell more about them when I have pics to go along with them. She’s an awesome cook and is hosting the dinner this year. We always have dinners for each family member’s birthday. I picked my present out months ago at her Premier Jewelry Party, but will still be surprised because I have such a short memory! I ¬†remember it is rusty red colored, but cannot remember what it looked like!

Health Update: As far as doctor visits, I had quite a bit of edema again wednesday while at my internist’s office and he wanted to order tests anyway and that made him add more to it. We shall see what that shows before too long. I think it is because I have been too active lately and need to rest and get off my feet more than anything. He wants to make sure the HUMERA is not causing it. The oncologist visit was monday and I was told great news there. The lump that I had the biopsy on a year ago has not grown any, but due to the fact it is there plus family history, I have to continue to have it checked once a year now. At least it is not 4 months this time! I may have mentioned having trouble with some meds again where I am having dizzy, weak spells. I stopped taking my muscle relaxer flexeril and the spells have significantly decreased, but my back pain has increased significantly, too. I am glad to know it was that simple to get it under control, but I wish there was an easy fix to help my back pain.

I manage and God always, always blesses me so much. I feel very blessed. I do not mean because my family gives me stuff. I mean because of my family’s love and support. They try to help ease the burdens that they can control. I would like to be able to do more for my family. I used to do alot more than I do now, but I know that I have to limit myself and what I do. As I say that, I have been in a marathon of sorts this week because my cousin who I mentioned had a baby shower last saturday and I had posted pics of the baby stocking I made her…well she had her baby the very next day!

My cousin Brandi’s baby Haden Lee was born Sunday, August 8th! He needs a comforter for his cradle that his Nanny and Nana bought for him because they could not find the right size. I got the measurements and cut out a design for it. I managed to sew it together while at my parents’ house this week. I machine quilted (yes, I hate to machine quilt a baby quilt, but I did it for the first time INSTEAD of hand quilting) it last night and all that is left is finishing the binding on it. I am so glad I was able to get it done! That is one reason my back hurts so bad I am sure, sitting at the sewing machine, but it brought me great pleasure to be able to make her a handmade comforter that FITS. She was so disappointed when none of the blankets fit it at the shower. This is her first baby and I just wanted it to be extra special for her. I love the feeling of finishing a project and being able to BREATHE and RELAX again…not far now!


"Beaches" Inspiration for New Quilt



Beaches Painting

The painting above was my mother-in-law Freda’s painting and is now mine. The bed is full size if that gives you an idea of how large the painting is.

As you know if you have kept up with my blog, my husband’s mother passed away the day after Christmas. Her absolute favorite vacation spot was the beach. She had planned a trip with my hubby, my father-in-law and myself to go to Orange Beach for the weekend of New Years because I had never gotten to go to the beach with her. However, due to the injury she received to her shoulder on December 10, we had to cancel our vacation plans. Instead, she had to schedule torn rotator cuff repair surgery. Complications after the surgery led to her death combined with her sleep apnea problems. We never even got to say goodbye. It was all quite sudden AND shocking. Even today as I type this it is hard to comprehend she passed away almost 6 months ago. I miss her every single day.

Freda had started redecorating the master bedroom and bathroom of her house in the past couple years with the beach scene in mind. Her bathroom is beautiful and she already finished renovating it, but she had never finished the bedroom.

Freda did, however purchase a painting to go in her room once it was finished. With that in mind, I had secretly purchased some toile machine embroidery designs of seashells thinking I would surprise her and make her a quilt to match her beautiful painting. I had made her a quilt before (the one featured in my banner is the quilt I made her), but this one was going to be extra special because of the beach theme.

Due to my health issues and also because of the things going on in both our lives, neither of us ever got our projects started. The BEACHES painting (pictured at beginning of blog entry) is my inspiration to make a quilt in memory of my dear mother-in-law. I want to hang the painting above the bed and use the quilt on the bed.

Can you see my silly cat Pumpkin in the picture? She literally jumped up there just because I got out the camera! I could NOT get her to move, so I figured it made for a cuter pic, anyway. She LOVES the camera.

I am truly inspired when I look at the Beaches picture. Something about it calms me and brings me peace and reminds me where my mother-in-law now is, safe in the arms of Jesus.

Beach and Seashell project supplies

Beach and Seashell project supplies



I had also bought some seashells one Christmas for Freda to use in decorating once she finished this room. At first, I thought about doing a shadow box with them, but after a trip to Walmart, I was inspired by these plates I found. I have posted pics here of the project supplies above and below, but keep in mind I plan to do something to make it look quite different as the final outcome. I will also post pics of the final project when completed.

My idea is to paint the outer border of each plate a hint of blue, then gradually fade between the blue to a white, then back to the tan…not sure yet, but I will definitely tape off a square for the center, then put real sand in the middle for texture AND looks on top of a glue base to anchor it into place. I will then glue three seashells on each plate. I originally purchased two plates, but now that I have laid out all the shells, I realized I need one more plate. I will put these on the side wall by the bed in the beach themed bedroom.

First Seashell plate collage

First Seashell plate collage

Second Seashell plate collage

Second Seashell plate collage

Third Seashell Collage

Third Seashell plate collage

I put the remaining seashells in two bowls to be displayed on a bookcase. I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to being able to make this quilt. I pray I can!!!

I looked at shadow boxes online for beach themes and they are about $170 each! CRAZY when it is so simple to come up with a design as an original. I am so glad I decided to go with my own idea. I think I like the plate idea better, anyway.

The curtains in this room are tan and have the huge wide open circle rivets and chrome colored curtain rod, so will match quite well with the breezy look of a beach themed room.

I now pray that my health will be restored enough that I can START and COMPLETE this beach quilt task soon. Feel free to pray this on my behalf, as well.


I had an MRI this week on my back because I am in such pain between shoulder blades and throughout ribs that just lifting my purse brings great distress. It also brings laughs because my father-in-law or hubby now carries it around for me! BUT this is not what I want. I want to be able to carry my purse myself.

The internist had told me I would get one of two possible outcomes from MRI. He said either I would have a bulging disk which would mean injections and likely inevitably surgery OR if normal MRI, then fibromyalgia flareup would be the culprit and nothing really to be done other than what is currently being done, I could continue with chiropractic care and meds. I have been going to a chiropractor because of the falls I had over the past few months that jarred my back. He has not been able to work on my mid-back area in weeks due to the severity of my pain.

When I went to the chiropractor today, we decided to call the doctor’s office to see if the results were back yet. I was not able to get the results, so he just worked on my neck. However, the nurse called me late this evening and told me the MRI is normal, but my doctor is on vacation and cannot sign off on it to send to my chiropractor until next week. I can still unofficially let him know, though. With the results of the MRI being normal, now I am faced with a dilemma of wondering if getting chiropractic care is actually causing the flareups, or if I should tough it out and continue to let him try to adjust my back. My chiropractor is conservative in his approach and only does what he thinks I can handle. It is just a fine line and if crossed makes for a bad week. I am in no better shape now that he has stopped adjusting me, so I am just in a “pickle”.

Maybe I should sit out a “donation jar” for prayer (instead of money!). Prayer please! Prayer please! Poor sickly one needing prayer! I would say I’d work for prayer, but I’m disabled. lol I’m just useless except I can pray for you, too, so I’m NOT REALLY USELESS!

I hope you are NOT in back pain and are having a much better day physically than I am! God is always good and I know there is a reason for this dilemma.

At least I am getting inspirational ideas again, which is a very good thing indeed!

UPDATE Year 2015

This is the finished quilt on display at a local quilt show earlier this year…


Little tidbits of my life,


Pool, salsa, apple butter AND health update…

WOW! I just realized I have not blogged in quite awhile! It is not like me to not have anything to talk about! I will have to be quick because it is about to come a storm here!!!

It has been very busy at my house this week. My parents have come out to help me set up my NEW ABOVE-GROUND POOL! My rheumatologist had told me that water aerobics would be VERY good for me because my fibromyalgia is so severe. SO my sisters, brother in laws and my parents all went in together and are paying for half the cost of the pool as my birthday present this year! I KNOW, I was shocked, too! They told me that they just want to see me get better, so that is why they are all being so extra-generous this year. I found an Intex metal frame pool on walmart.com on clearance. It is 24 ft diameter round pool and 52 inches high. I figured this depth would be perfect for water aerobics…plus it is plenty big for family and friends to enjoy, too!

My dad should get to take the first dip because he has worked SO HARD this week. He brought up his tiller and had to level the ground for it. The slope was about a foot different from one side to the other, so he has been here for 3 days getting it all straightened out!

I also found the above “wedding cake pool steps” on craigslist.com for $100! The family selling them lived only about 2 or 3 miles from my parents! This was a real bargain and I am SO GRATEFUL as they will be MUCH safer than the tall ladder you saw in the first picture. My father is building some sturdy steps and a platform for me on the outside for safety. My balance is not too great, plus these steps will be useful for water aerobics.

The above pic is salsa and apple butter…YUMMY!!!

My parents brought along several ripe tomatoes from their garden and my mother and I planned to make salsa. This week has been really rough for me fatigue-wise, pain-wise and migraine-wise, so she surprised me and made all the salsa by herself while I was either asleep or outside w/my father. I have REALLY BEEN SPOILED THIS WEEK!

Above is one of my FAVORITE kitchen gadgets, an apple peeler-corer-slicer. I purchased mine at Linens-n-Things a couple years ago. This one suctions to the table top, but I have also used one with a C-clamp attachment…GREAT PRODUCT!

My middle sister Lavonda had come over last saturday and I had the privilege of showing her how to use the apple peeler/corer/slicer gadget. We made some apple butter. I still had a bucket of apples in the house that we had picked, so I got to teach my mother how to use this gadget and we made MORE APPLE BUTTER!!! I STILL HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF APPLES, so I suspect I will get to teach a few more folks how to do this soon! LOL


I had my 3 month check up appointment yesterday with my rheumatologist. He did a bone density test and verified that my bones are significantly thinning. He said for my age (I will be 35 this month) I should be at my prime bone mass, but instead I’m at a low bone mass. I am still classified as osteopenia, but he said that is not good at my age. He said to take two Caltrate 600-D a day for a year, then repeat test and if no improvement, then he will put me on some prescriptions for this…I have to take steroid shots for asthma 3 or 4 times a year, plus I had a hysterectomy a few years ago, so I am not really surprised at these results, just hopeful he can do something to keep my bones from getting brittle. He also suggested I ask my internist to send me to a neurologist and a podiatrist for some other issues that have been going on for years. He said I have tested positive 3 times for lupus on the general bloodwork they do (last time was a low positive, but still in positive range) so he drew more blood during my visit to test more specifically for lupus. I have also been getting migraines every single day as well as continuing to have the weak/dizzy/spells once or twice a day now, lasting about 30 minutes each time…this is why he wants me to go to the neurologist.

Thank you for your continued prayers. I hope you find my blogs much more positive than negative. I blog as a creative outlet, plus I LOVE to entertain others and make them feel good. AT THE SAME TIME, I have learned that MANY are affected by fibromyalgia, so I blog about my health issues to get the word out about FM and to help family members who worry about their loved ones with this disease and to make them aware of the true symptoms and what they can do to help them.

I feel truly blessed to have discovered all my new friends here and I LOVE reading your blogs every day as well!


Things around my yard this June

The apples are almost ready!!!! Soon we will have apple butter and apple pies coming out our ears! Due to so little rain these past few weeks, the apples are so pretty, no fungus!

YIKES! At about 3 ft long, this rattlesnake doesn’t show its rattles yet, but I sure wish they’d play somewhere else! My MIL was on her way to our house from next door and almost stepped on it!!!! My FIL “took care” of it for her.

I have to give this little guy an A+++ for effort!!!

It’s a bug’s life! He’s just enjoying the catnip I guess.

This “creature” is my hubby building a flowerbed for me!!! SHHH!!! He does not know I took this pic! He hates flowers and this is the first time he has participated in my obsession!!!

A close-up of these beauties!

The front flowerbeds are getting bigger!

A few projects on the back deck.

Sorry I haven’t been on in a few days. We started revival at church sunday, which was WONDERFUL! Then monday was a super-bad painful day. I called my rheumy and his wonderfully sweet nurse was so understanding. He increased lyrica from 200mg to 300 mg. For the next 2 days I’ve been pretty out of it. I started feeling a little better yesterday, but ended up OVER-DOING it as a result! I had a rough evening. I woke up about 2 pm today with NO PAIN!!!!! SO, I decided to get the pics off my camera and share them with you.

I just love the summer! I hope you are enjoying it, too!

Fibromyalgia and my cat Charlie

Okay, I am not sure how many folks on here have fibromyalgia, but I decided to share my FM experiences in hopes I can be of some help to others who suffer from this. I take Lyrica now to help. It is the only prescription drug approved for FM pain…the Lyrica helped alot at first, but I think my body builds up an intolerance to it…my dr has increased the dosage twice and each time, I have relief for a couple weeks, then it hits me again. Well this past week of almost NO pain for 7 days straight was a TRUE BLESSING. It’s the first time I’ve had this much relief without an increase in lyrica being the cause. I felt so good that I had really forgotten what a flare up is like until last night…

Well last night, the pain started coming back. First, it felt like I had sprained my ankle even though I knew I hadn’t…then the pain was also in my knee of same leg…I was limping and could hardly move my ankle…I propped it up, but it was just throbbing, just worse by the minute…I took pain med (1st time in 7 days! woohoo), but within an hour, the pain just swept over me in waves, all over, back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet…and even my face…I realized (duh) I was in a fibromyalgia flare up…I just could not get relief…my hubby came in at about 4:30 am (night shift) and I was propped up on the couch just not knowing what to do. He rubbed my arms for me, which I must say this was very out of the ordinary for him to do this because he does NOT give massages, absolutely hates to…but he did it because I was so bad. I was so greatful for his attention to me. It made me feel good inside. I told him I guess there was going to be a major storm because my storm detector had just started its warning signal…he said it was lightning the whole drive home…Sure enough on the Weather Channel, the barometric pressure was dropping…that seems to be my BIGGEST trigger. My hubby got my “Bio-Freeze” for me…it is good for sore muscles…you can buy it at any physical therapy office…mostly menthol, so very good product and not damaging in any way. It is available in a roll-on which I LOVE b/c I can reach areas on my back w/o straining or getting someone else to do it for me…well I was still in awful pain. I can take up to 2 pain pills, but I already had severe heartburn from the first one I had taken, so I really didnt want to take a 2nd one…so then I remembered I hadnt taken a muscle relaxer in awhile b/c I hadnt been in pain for a week…so I took one of those. Finally about an hour later I fell asleep and didnt wake up till about 6 pm this evening.

I had mentioned in earlier blog that my orange tabby cat Charlie is a “cat healer”, he senses where the pain is and lays over the worst places…WELL when I woke up, I was on my side and he was stretched out to his full length laying against my entire back! He is such an amazing cat. He knew my back hurt!!! It’s almost uncanny, though…LOL. I know God paved the way for this cat to be in our household because He knew I’d need him!

This is Charlie not looking too wise! 

RELIEF…the pain has subsided.


Little Tidbits of My Life

A week at my sister's house…AND I HAVE A PIANO AGAIN!!!!

My LONG week started with babysitting this little 6 month old chihuahua below posing with her best friend, the teddy bear:

Yes, this little dog is VERY cute and sweet…BUT looks can be deceiving!!! WOW AM I TIRED!!! This little chihuahua, named Ladybird, belongs to my oldest sister Tina and her dh Brian. They have raised her from about a week or so old. My BIL Brian bottle fed her and carried her around in his shirt pocket at work (Ace Hardware) the first few weeks.

My sister Tina is a professor at a local college, so she and BIL went on a little vacation to Cocoa Beach, FL last week during Spring Break. I had this BRIGHT idea to babysit her chihuahua for her at her house b/c my dh is currently working 90 minutes away from our home on 12 hour shifts. My sister lives about 40 minutes away from this job, so I thought if my DH and I stay at her house, my DH could get much needed rest by sleeping an extra hour each day. Well apparently this chihuahua had forgotten we were there for REST! She thought I was her newest chew toy. She was SO EXCITED for us NEW folks to stay there that she kept me up all night wanting to play. She was TOO excited to sleep for about 18 hours!

By the 2nd morning, I called my mom who lives beside my sister and I asked her to come get the little dog for just a few hours while I took a nap…DID I MENTION MY DH IS ALSO ON NIGHT SHIFT??? Yes…AND DID I MENTION she had pushed open the bedroom door TWICE the first day while he was sleeping and jumped on him AGAIN AND AGAIN until he woke up??? SO when he woke up that 2nd day around 4:30 pm after getting a full day’s rest without chihuahua interruptions, he asked me what had happened to the chihuahua…I told him I KILLED HER!!! LOL…he actually didnt even look surprised! Well, I had gotten a much needed nap and I felt better, so I decided to bring the little rascal back home. My poor mom was now worn out and looked about as rough as I did when she had first come to get the dog! This dog was absolutely wearing us out! Now despite all the things I have said about her, I just love this little bundle of energy, and I enjoy learning things about her because she is VERY smart. She was finally ready to sleep, though because she had been up for 2 days/nights already!

I wanted to also take this opportunity at my sister’s house to do something special for her and BIL…I ADMIT I WATCH WAY TOO MUCH HGTV AND LOVE THE SURPRISE HOME MAKEOVER SHOWS…I organized my sister’s and BIL’s closet from top to bottom…WELL let me say, I began this process…4 DAYS LATER, I finally finished the project with only hours to spare before I had to pick Tina and Brian up at the airport! I was actually nervous I wouldnt get their bedroom back in order BEFORE they got back. I have a degree in organizational management, which I must say, I never thought I’d need to use it for closets!

I found out my sister owned over 30 pairs of shoes! I stopped counting at 30!!! 3 pair were all EXACTLY ALIKE! Did I mention this might be a good sign the closet had NEEDED organization? I found some shoe organizers at Dollar General for $3 that hold 10 pair! This was a great find, so I bought 2 of these, and put the other shoes on shelves and along the wall…I realized quickly she was in SHORT supply of hangers…over 100 hangers LATER, I was happy to see I had finally gotten everything on hangers and in decent order. I found a clothes basket buried in there, too. It was torn pretty bad and looked like a safety hazard, so I found a round one the same size for $2 at Dollar General and I threw the old one away (I found out later that this old one was their FIRST clothes basket as a married couple from 1991 and had sentimental value…LOL…I told her she’d have to dig her sentimental value out of the garbage because it was long gone!) My BIL is also a preacher. He has collected ties for years…he often gets ties from others as gifts…he has LOTS AND LOTS of ties! I found probably 30 more ties that were buried in the closet besides the ones hanging up on organizers…I just love his ties and so I wanted to display them for him in a way that he can easily find what he wants to wear…I started categorizing them…about 4 hours later, I had finally gotten all his ties back in the closet…he had some BEAUTIFUL eagle ties, probably about 20 or more of various eagle scenes…lots of paisleys, some beautiful bible story themed ties, Christmas themed ties, all kinds of wild looking ties, frog ties, and even a HOT PINK tie which I personally have NEVER seen him wear! Hmmm…anyway, I would not be surprised if he had over 100 ties! I didn’t bother counting them. I found bags and bags of ball caps/various mens hats, so I found a good deal on some handbag/hat holders that mount on the back of closet door. (The holders held 16 hats/handbags and were $9.95). I managed to get most of his hats on here so he could actually see what he has and wear them. I was so pleased to finally complete this project. This was pretty much all I got accomplished the whole week besides withholding the temptation to harm the chihuahua in any manner…JUST KIDDING, I really did get attached to the little rascal!

Tina has always been so wonderful to me and such a great influence. She is like a second mom. As I mentioned in earlier blogs, she always took me to church and has always been a prayer warrior for me. She has worked so hard for MANY years and FINALLY got her PhD last year. She is now officially Dr. Cannon, a professor! She has literally been in school her entire life! She always seems just a bit tired to me, so I just wanted to do something to make her life a little easier and to surprise her.

Now I do not want you to get the impression that my sister does not keep a clean house. She has a beautiful home. I loved my stay there. It is very inviting and comfy. She has decorated it beautifully and really it was hard to leave it! My dad had made her an amazing mountain stone fireplace that covers almost one entire wall of her great room. She designed the houseplans herself, and she has an aquarium in the wall of her great room. She also has a saltwater aquarium that holds all kinds of surprises. They love the outdoors, so the room makes me want to go fishing, or just camping or something! She has mostly hardwood floors and tile throughout. Her kitchen has roosters from one end to the other (not alive, though!) . They are just so pretty! The home is located in the middle of her 5 acre plot and her land is surrounded by fields and woods. They raise a huge garden every year on her property, too. They had to put a 10 ft fence around the garden spot b/c the deer also love her home! The deer actually come right up to her back porch! I saw a total of 7 during the week, but I am sure there were many more as the CHIHUAHUA barked quite often w/hair standing on end at night (SCARING ME ALONG WITH HER!!!)…

Well after the week came to a conclusion w/me picking up my sister and BIL at the airport, I went home and slept ALL DAY AND NIGHT Friday and ALL DAY Saturday! I finally got up saturday evening around 5:30 pm. I suddenly remembered I was supposed to go to an estate sale that morning to look at a piano. I called my friend who was having the sale (her MIL had passed away) and made sure the piano was still available. I managed to get there about 6:30 pm with 30 min. to spare before the sale was closed for the day! I got to spend a wonderful supper w/my friend and her DH as they told me about her MIL’s last moments here on earth. Please pray for Rob and Karen. Rob is an only child, so this is especially tough for him. They are both just so worn out now from taking care of her, then the funeral, and now the estate sale. They were left with some debt, so that is why they have to sell most everything in the home. They were so glad to know the piano would go to my home. I was so pleased with the piano. It was in mint condition! It sounded GREAT(and I am VERY picky about pianos!). I have played for probably 25 years now and I lost my antique baby grand 4 years ago in our house fire. I am so glad to have a piano again! This piano is a console and is just beautiful. My DH will not be able to move it home for me till he gets laid off next friday, but I have that to look forward to, now!

Well, after a relaxing supper w/my wonderful friends Karen and Rob, I came home and played my fiddle for a few hours b/c for the first time in months, I wasnt having any pain from fibromyalgia! Actually, for 3 days now!…I remembered the time would change that night, so I reset my clocks and went back to bed AGAIN around 3 am based on the new time. I slept most of the night and SLEPT THROUGH 2 ALARMS this morning and MISSED CHURCH ALL-TOGETHER! This really upset me, especially since I am a SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER! I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, though, so I am not surprised that something different in my routine as simple as keeping sweet little Ladybird could cause such a “sleeping beauty” moment.

I am finally awake now and looking forward to having lunch with my DH when he wakes up this afternoon. I hope I can stay awake long enough to spend some time w/him! It’s weird how I need SO MUCH SLEEP at times! My DH finally gets a day off, bless his heart!

I was so pleased when DH said he’d buy the piano for me. I am not used to asking permission for things like spending money. I have always worked and had my own money since I was 15. Now that I can not work due to FM, I am fully at my DH’s mercy when it comes to big items like pianos! I am still in shock that I am getting it! WHOOHOO! I thank my Lord for His many blessings. He knows what we need and He also blesses us with wonderful musical instruments. He gave me the talent to play the piano at a young age after I earnestly asked him to give me this gift to know how to play and I would use it for Him…He took me at my word and I love to play for His Glory. I started writing songs in the mid 90s, but have not written one in years. I look forward to start writing songs again now that I will have a piano again! The Lord is so good to us and I am amazed every day at the surprise blessings He bestows on us.

This was lengthy, but I was just bubbling over and havent gotten to share w/too many folks since I’ve been asleep for so long!

Have a wonderful Sunday my dear new friends!

Love in Christ,