Vacation March 2011

My friend Kim and I started the vacation out in Destin, Florida. We stayed with my sweet cousins Roberta and Sarah, her daughter. We had a WONDERFUL lunch at my uncle and aunt’s house in Niceville, Florida during the day, including grilled shrimp and chicken among many other items! Then that night my cousin Leonard found the perfect spot for a sunset picture over the beach. I do not have any pictures of Glow Golf, but everyone but me also played Glow in the Dark Golf (similar to Putt-Putt, but everything glows flourescent!). Everyone had fun, even me as a spectator! OH and my cousin got me a coconut drink that was also a souvenir penny bank tiki doll! I left it in Kim’s car, so have no picture of it, but my cousin took pics at the time and if he sends them soon, I will post one and explain…was pretty funny!

The next day, we were off to Louisiana where we attended at St. Patrick’s Day Parade and visited with more cousins. On our way, we went by Pensacola Beach, Florida.

These are two of my cousins and their friend at Pensacola Beach. They’re the sweetest kids!

The driver is my cousin Leonard who took charge as our tour guide. He told me this crazy story that the reason it is illegal to pick the seagrass is because at night, seahorse come out of the ocean and graze on it! We had a good laugh. He did a great job showing us all the sites and figuring out things for us to do on the trip!

This was my first visit to Louisiana and I was dumbfounded that 6 years later so much of New Orleans sits just as it did when Katrina hit it. It was so disheartening to see, really words cannot describe. We had a wonderful time at the parade and this city is resilient in spite of all it is facing even now.

This was me after I got ready for parade…humidity was pretty bad, though so I depleted pretty quickly!

This is me and my friend Kim who took me on the trip. We had so much fun together! Thanks so much Kim!!! You’re the best!!!

This car signified the beginning of the parade.

My cousin Kelly holding her little friend. The little girl’s shirt says “Kiss me I’m American”.

My cousin from Destin, Florida with me above

The floats with the beads New Orleans is famous for started coming through…but at St Patrick’s Day parades, they ALSO throw cabbages!!!

I love this pic of my cousin Katelynn. The young baby is graduating from high school this Spring!!! :O) OH and if you are wondering about the stickers, Katelynn’s mother is a Pre-K teacher, as are some of her friends. One of them brought stickers and thought it’d be fun if we wore them.

This is Katelynn’s (pictured in last picture) boyfriend James and our cousin Sarah. Sarah’s mother is in the picture above with me who has the blond hair.

Here is Sarah posing with her beads!


Katelynn’s boyfriend James took this pic with his iPhone. This is the SuperDome in New Orleans…beautiful picture!

As fun as the day was, seeing the parade and sites, my favorite part was just getting to know my cousins and friend Kim better. That night, we went to my cousin Junior and his wife Wendi’s beautiful house that Junior and Leonard built themselves after Hurricane Katrina. We had pizza and games the rest of the evening and just enjoyed each others’ company. It was so nice to look around the room and see all the kids having such a good time in their home. Really and truly, it was a moment I shared with my cousin Junior as we talked about moments just like that which I won’t forget. It reminds me that family is what is important, not THINGS! Love and support of those you are closest to is so important in your life!

It turns out that Kim also had a friend in the New Orleans area, so we had lunch with her before we left the area. Pictured above is Kim and Connie.

NEXT, Kim and I were off to Biloxi, Mississippi…and YOU GUESSED IT, we went to a casino! Kim had never been to one and I had only been once, so we were in awe of everything.

Our hotel room at Beau Rivage

You know me, I like the flowers more than anything else in the picture! the hydrangas and lilies were beautiful!

This is Kim playing the last $5 the night before we left Biloxi, MS.

We made another stop on our way home…we went to Mobile, Alabama and visited a family friend. I brought her a birthday cake. She is turning 98 years old on the 26th of this month!!! Happy birthday Mrs. Nena!!!

We had a great visit with the Fitzgeralds before heading home in the rain! I would take a trip with Kim anytime! Thanks so much Kim for helping make our trip so great!

I love my family and friends and I am so blessed!!!

Little tidbits of my life…