Homemade Laundry Detergent UPDATE

My Laundry Detergent Kit

I want to share a tip to help folks save money if you have been paying shipping to get your homemade laundry detergent ingredients online to make your own laundy detergent. I use the fels-naptha, borax and Arm & Hammer Washing Soda pesonally.


I recently found out that if you go online to www.acehardware.com (or check first with your local Ace Hardware to see if they have the items in stock) the 3 ingredients can be shipped to your local Ace Hardware store at no shipping cost to you. You can buy the soap by the box at a much lower price than it is at the store we usually use online. Alternately, if there is no Ace Hardware in your area, just do a search for distributors of Fels Naptha soap and then either go to their website, or contact them and see if they will offer the same deal to their customers as Ace Hardware.

Also because you are getting your borax and washing soda there, the savings in shipping alone is HUGE. I personally use the following recipe:

1 cup grated fels naptha soap (equals 1 bar)

1/2 cup Arm & Hammer washing soda (MAKE SURE IT IS WASHING SODA!)

1/2 cup Borax

Mix the three ingredients in these ratios…can make larger batch if needed. Store in airtight container and use 2 tablespoons for light loads, 3 tablespoons for heavy loads.

Tip: I saved an Oxyclean tub/scoop to store mine in and I bought a small farberware grater that I keep in a box with the three ingredients. It is designated just for grating my laundry soap. I usually make 2 batches at a time.

UPDATE:  I now designate a food processor for this chore and it takes 5 minutes or less…first I use the smaller grater and grate my soap with the food processor, then I pour it into a bowl and change to the large blade in the food processor and I pour the grated soap back into the food processor and I chop it into a powder.  Then I add the other two ingredients and blend with the large blade and pour all of it into my airtight container.  SO QUICK THIS WAY!


From West Virginia to Georgia AGAIN


I want to share a bargain: Prescription eyeglasses…I purchased online for $32, shipped to my door! I can see clearly for the first time in over a year! I am so amazed at the quality! I had read a blog on homestead a few months ago that first suggested this option, but I could not find it, so I just googled the idea and I found www.eyebuydirect.com. Here are my glasses:


A neighbor moved out and sold us a used washer and dryer for a very low price! My new friend and I were both so happy because although she was glad to let me do my laundry at her house, I kept having the weak spells and twice she sent me home and had to bring our laundry over to us after it dried because I was unable to do it. SO now that it is in our apartment, there is no need to lift heavy bags or drag them several yards anymore!!! Just the night before, I had prayed God would make a way for us to get a used one somehow…I knew our budget was tight, so when I found out about the offer, I got out the calculator and started figuring…we had just enough extra over our budget to cover it! My hubby immediately said “I’ll stop by the bank on the way home…tell them we’ll take it”…the lady’s father was there with a dolly, so he brought them over and put them in the utility room for me, too! JUST ONE BLESSING AFTER ANOTHER!!!

I have actually given my new friend one piano lesson. We had SO MUCH FUN! As I said before, we both have fibromyalgia, so we were exhausted and will just have to learn to pace ourselves. She has taken lessons before, so we are specifically working on chords. I could tell she has a good ear for music and will be a very good student. I look forward to the challenge. I am amazed at how God works through our friends. Every time one of us is having a bad day, the other calls at just the right time and we both end up feeling better. It has done wonders for both of us stresswise. My hubby has told me several times that he is so glad I met my new neighbor. I was not able to go to church with her because it was another bad day for me, but I hope to be able to soon! She says the church is really great and she thinks I will like it. She is definitely Godsent! I thank the Lord for all the friends He has given me!


SADLY, my hubby told me today that he will not get to take the week off to go home (to GA) with me next week to my doctor visits for my test results. HAPPILY, I will still be able to go…Fortunately my wonderful middle sister and mother are going to come up saturday, spend the night, and bring me home sunday…so I will not miss my appointments. I just am not sure at this point what my plans will be after that. We have discussed getting my rheumatologist’s advice on scheduling the surgery with the podiatrist for my left ankle/foot (total reconstruction and put back together w/rods/pins/screws/bolts)…or if he thinks fibromyalgia too severe…BUT this is all contingent still on test results…MRI, ECHOCARDIOGRAM, holtor monitor…my cardio dr expects everything will be fine with my heart, he just thinks my BP is too low and dropping even lower at times…neurologist had ordered all the tests as a result of my visit w/him b/c of the weak spells and migraines. The meds he gave me for migraine prevention are working GREAT. I am AMAZED. It is the first time in YEARS I have gone an entire two weeks without a headache. I am so thankful he was able to help me. That should bring you up to date on medical issues for those who wanted to know. I won’t know anything more till the end of next week.

The main dr visits are wed and thurs, so if you’d like to pray for me, those are the days I will be talking about all this to the drs.

God bless you!