I am so glad to be a part of this blogging group. I was referred here by a blogger from my church. I have really enjoyed the site thus far. I have always preferred a simple lifestyle and was raised in a rural area in a small town called Ooltewah, TN. I was very happy to move to Sand Mountain in 2001. The rural area here is just like the town I grew up in. Ooltewah, however, has became quite populated and much of the farmland has been developed into subdivisions. The fields I played in as a child now feature homes worth up to $1 million. While these homes are beautiful, I miss the pastures and all the wildlife that used to be there. As a child, I used to get a blanket and lay on my back in the yard while watching beautiful bald eagles play and nest on our property. The eagles have not been seen there in many years, now. The memories will be with me forever. Enough nostalgia!

This picture below was taken from my back deck. I love the view of my neighbor’s field.


I love this pic. It looks to me like the bull is lecturing the poor girls.

Anyway I look forward to meeting new friends and sharing sewing tips, recipes, etc. I love to quilt both from hand and by machine, so if anyone has quilting questions, feel free to ask me. If I don’t know the answer, I will try to find it for you. I started quilting around age 7. The elderly ladies at my church took me under their wing, so I learned about 10 different ways to do everything (each one I sat with would tell me their way is better, so I just kept my mouth shut and kept learning :o)).

Last year, my mother wanted to make a special quilt for her sister who had just had a massive stroke. My aunt has always loved to collect angel trinkets, so my mother asked me to design an angel for the center of the quilt. I found a pretty lace angel online and used its outline as my general layout for the angel. I hand-embroidered the angel, then designed and cut out the quilt pieces. My mother sewed it together and hand-quilted it. She also did the binding. I especially enjoyed the time my mother and I spent together making the quilt because it was our first large scale project together.

The pic below is a closeup of the angel and the next pic is the completed quilt.

28934_1425127475924_4068270_n (1)


I will be glad to share anything that is my original design. I will try to post different projects here soon if anyone is interested in my patterns or instructions for my projects. For now I am going to go find some supper.

I look forward to meeting new friends here!

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