Dogwood in Bloom

Our little dogwood in the front yard is blooming again. This used to be my father-in-law’s place and when I see a dogwood, I am happy and sad at the same time. I am happy because the flowers were my father-in-law’s favorite. I’m also sad because it makes me miss him even more thinking about how excited he used to get when this season was here so he could see his favorite tree and flower in bloom.

My father-in-law and I became close friends after my mother-in-law passed away. At the time I was not driving because I had not been put on arthritis injections yet and did not discover the strength yet that they gave my joints. He drove me anywhere I needed to go and he enjoyed this task. I am now thankful I did not know about the injections yet because I would have likely missed out on becoming true friends with my father-in-law if I had been on the injections and more independent at the time.

When the dogwoods started blooming, we took back roads just to see more of them on our way to town. My father-in-law transplanted a near perfect little dogwood from our wooded property to our yard and it is also a gorgeous little dogwood, but smaller than the one pictured above. When my weeping cherry tree died he talked for months of getting me a pink dogwood to replace it. We never got that pink dogwood but I think I will get one in memory of him to grow in all its beauty in the yard he took such good care of for so many years.

My father-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2012 and sent home under Hospice care. We set his hospice bed up and from the window of that room I often walked to it and looked at this dogwood. Each day I told him the progress of the blooms because I wanted so bad for it to bloom for him. I remember it bloomed the last week before he passed away on April 15th last year. While we cared for him, I spent some of my time on the front porch in a rocking chair wishing he could see that tree one more time.

The good news in all this is the dogwood bloom has always carried with it the story of Jesus our Savior.

Although this is a legend, the message behind it of Jesus is what is the truth and important.

My father-in-law became a Christian while in the hospital just three and a half weeks before he passed away. I imagine him now no more in pain from the cancer and its effects, no longer mourning his wife, now reunited with her and his parents…and with our miscarried baby, his grandchild he never even got to know a thing about here on earth. Heaven holds many wonders but the best is our Lord, I can only imagine the moment he beheld his Savior, the one who cares for us more than anyone ever has and ever will, our Creator and His Son. Oh just imagine the love that emulated over him during that initial encounter and evermore, a place of no more sorrow, no more tears, no more dying.

The dogwood represents so much to me now and I just felt inspired to share this morning how its symbolism has touched our lives.

Little Tidbits of Teresa’s Life


Spring Arrangement for Door, Idea I found on Pinterest…

Photo Mar 21, 5 58 31 AM (1)This week is the first week my Spring Arrangement for my door has bloomed on the tulip side! I was so excited to see that the idea is working…I actually bought a whole pot of tulips already about to bloom and I purchased a plot of three miniature plants, two were miniature daffodils and one was a hyacinth. I took wire and wrapped where I wanted the depth to stop on the umbrella and also made a loop with the wire to hang onto door…I actually used two wires so I would get the crooked effect just right…then I added my ribbon. In the loops where I wanted to put the flowers, I tripled plastic bags and put them in the holes first, then I planted my flowers in the actual sacks. This way when I water the flowers, it won’t run down my door. Next, I had an adorable bird and moss left over from an arrangement from my mother in law’s funeral in Dec 2009 so I used it in the center. This made the whole thing so special to me. THEN I watered it just a tiny bit and I check the moisture level each day to make sure it is not dry.

I LOVE the site and I found this wonderful link there to a picture that shows an arrangement that inspired this idea. Here is original picture link if you would like to visit the site:

UPDATE: I now have three tulips bloomed and two more on the way, but my mini daffodils are starting to die…thinking about changing them out to purple hyacinths…

Photo Mar 30, 3 05 47 PM

Little Tidbits of Teresa’s Life…

Wild Roses Gone Wild!

I think I have mentioned in previous blogs that I had planted wild roses in front of my deck and they never bloom…the buds just turn brown and shrivel up. I do not like to spray insecticides on my plants because I do not want to kill the butterflies or bees, so I never sprayed these roses. My hubby HATES the wild rose bush b/c it’s just all over the place. I bargained w/him that if the buds shrivel up again this year, then I would cut them down. BUT I want to give it at least one more try and see some pretty blooms this year!!!

WELL, I read somewhere that if you spray liquid fabric softener on rose bushes, the aphids (sp?) will go away??? or I guess they can’t hold on to a leaf coated with gooey stuff…I had purchased 1 gallon of a VERY generic and RUNNY fabric softener once in a pinch at local grocery store. Fortunately, it was still in my laundry room, so I decided to try it.

IT WORKED!!! I have roses galore!!! I took a few extra shots while I was out there. I had a long day outside yesterday, so I got quite a bit done in the flower beds, but it still needs to be weed eated and I have a few weeds to get up along driveway…ANYWAY, I thought it was pretty none the less.


Special Delivery!

Well, I had quite the day! I was on my back deck when I had that “feeling” I was being watched…I was right! It was one of my neighbor’s cows watching me about 30 feet away at the fenceline! She looked troubled. I talked to her gently. She turned around and anxiously took a few steps. That’s when I realized this poor thing was about to have herself a calf!

I called my neighbor to make sure they were aware of the goings on, then I went next door and told our aunt’s granddaughter to come watch with me! She is 8 years old and loved every minute of it. We watched for about 30 minutes when our aunt came out to watch with us. At the last minute, I decided to video this momentus occasion. I was just in time!

She finally stood up about an hour or so after I filmed, but I did not catch that on tape.

The pics below are of first time mom and baby, and one that I thought was particularly sweet was where a “friend” of the family stopped by to welcome the newborn! She just nudged the little one, greeted the mom for lack of better description, then mosied on up the hill to give them room.

I am sure some folks will think I am crazy to make such a fuss over cows, but I just love all God’s creatures. The wonder of birth is fascinating no matter who or what is the mom.

I hope you enjoyed!


Spring Flowers

I was so excited to get to take a pic of my daffodils to show you…

that is until my mother sent me pics of my dad’s flowerbeds! (The above pic is my daffodils…I’m almost ashamed to show you now)…

ALL the pics below are my dad’s beautiful flowerbeds. He has done an amazing job. He laid all the rock, poured all the walkways, planted every flower, pulled all the weeds…all by himself. The only thing he lets mom do is help water the flowers when it is really hot! ┬áHe is a perfectionist, so mom just lets him do what he wants. It is SO beautiful all around their property. I will try to remember to show you pics again once his summer plants are in bloom. The hummingbirds just swarm the place! A friend of the family teases us and says “don’t stand still too long in your dad’s yard, you may turn into a rock statue” b/c dad has laid SO MANY rocks! He’s the ROCK MAN! I hope you enjoy.